BreastsWill Natural Supplements Increase My Breast Size?

Will Natural Supplements Increase My Breast Size?


Many women are unsatisfied with the size of their breasts and know very little about them. Most think that they are too small. Every year, tens of thousands of women undergo breast enhancement surgery to increase their breast size. Most go up two cup sizes. For many women, the ideal cup size is a C. Some want a D cup … or even larger.

However, not many women can afford expensive surgical enhancements. Some are afraid to go under the knife for a reason they may tell their friends is frivolous but secretly wish they could find the courage (and the cash) to do by themselves. For some of these women the answer may be dietary supplements, either in pill or ointment form. Similar products are on the market for men that claim to increase penis size or enhance sexual performance. Herbal based remedies, like Zenerex for men or New Bust for women, have shown results in increasing breast size, but the long term impact is questionable.

You’ve probably seen the ads over the internet, on TV or on the radio for these ‘miracle’ creams or pills that naturally and miraculously make the busts bigger. You’ve probably wondered whether they work or not. Theoretically speaking, they may be able to improve a woman’s hormone levels to allow for breast enhancement. Many of these products do contain phytoestrogen, a substance similar to the naturally produced hormone estrogen that can increase bust size.

However, these pills and supplements with exotic ingredients like wild yam, fenugreek and so forth may just cause you to retain fluid sort of like birth control pills do or your body naturally does in the breast area the week before your period (or whilst pregnant). This will give your boobs a temporary boost and nothing more.

The fact remains that these supplements may be more harmful than helpful. Too much estrogen (or estrogen-like materials) can stimulate tissue growth in the uterus and may promote uterine cancer. Therefore, it could be possible, although there is no evidence yet to support it, that these types of supplements could in fact increase one’s risk of this type of cancer.

In addition, natural breast enlargement pills may interfere with a woman’s natural menstrual cycle, perhaps impacting fertility or even counteracting the effects of her birth control pills. There also exists a possibility for other negative drug interactions especially if you are taking blood thinners such as warfarin.

As with any supplementation or medication, over the counter or otherwise, you should check with your doctor before you begin to take it. However, in this case, the risks seem to outweigh the benefits and perhaps it may be better to consider breast-enhancing exercises or surgical options if you really want a larger bust.

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