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When to Take Plan B


Emergency contraception is not a substitute for regular birth control methods, but many women ask when to take Plan B? This method is the preferred “emergency” choice of most women to keep away from pregnancy after the failure of contraceptive, sexual assault or unprotected intercourse. On the other hand, emergency contraception or EC, particularly Plan B, is strongly advised to women looking for ways to take immediate action to avoid a pregnancy. These are often advised to rape victims (statistics on rape) or sexually abused women.

Plan B is actually known for its other name of Morning After. But, it does not mean that EC pills should be taken in the morning. The right time to take emergency contraception is somehow based on doctor’s prescription.

How Plan B Works

Just like the other birth control pills available out there, Plan B works by means of stopping the release of eff or ovulation. These are also after preventing sperm cells from meeting the eggs throughout the fertilization process. And thus, pregnancy is simply avoided.

When to take Plan B?

This should be taken once unprotected intercourse takes place. Plan B pills are on hand in two tablets. One should be taken right away followed by next with twelve hours apart. Even if emergency pills could be taken up to five days, or 120 hours, Plan B pills are just effective for up to three days or 72 hours.

Its efficiency after unsecured sexual intercourse could be arbitrated as below:

  • 95 percent when taken within twenty four hours
  • 85 percent when taken between 24 to 48 hours
  • 58 percent effective between 49 to 72 hours

When more than 72 hours have passed from unsecured sexual intercourse, it is now best suggested for you to use IUD. This is also simply right after consulting with your doctor. This is because after 72 hours, contraceptive pills may fail.

How to take Emergency Contraceptive

Plan B can be taken orally. It should be taken in 72 hours after birth control failure to best avoid pregnancy. The sooner you take this pill, the better it works.

Ways on how to Determine if the Pills Worked

You will know that this emergency contraceptive worked once you get your next menstrual period that must come at the anticipated time or in a week of the anticipated time. In case your menstrual period is late for how many weeks, there is a chance for you to get pregnant. So, the best thing to do to confirm it is to undergo a pregnancy test.

Keep in mind, Plan B Pills Will Not Work if:

  • You have already had birth control failure or unprotected sex earlier in the menstrual cycle. This is simply because you might already pregnant.
  • You have unsecured sex or failure of birth control again in similar menstrual cycle after taking the pill, as it just secures opposed one incident of unsecured sex and failure of birth control.
  • You vomit in two hours of consuming the pill. Visit your healthcare provider to know if you must repeat the serving or dosage.
  • Once you suffer serious stomach pain, you might have the so-callled uterus pregnancy or known as ectopic pregnancy. Thus, you must get fast medical attention.

Factors to Consider When Taking Emergency Contraceptive

When you are sexually active, it is always a smart idea to consult a health expert for a routine checkup. The health expert will talk about your birth option choices and answer any of your queries. Your health provider can also discuss something about the STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.

Who Must Seek Emergency contraception assistance:

This is actually an emergency relief to avoid pregnancy. Women could take emergency contraceptive once the following occur:

  • Contraception method has failed like condom broken and slipped off during sex. This is also when the ring is removed. This is also when the cap or any protection has been accidentally removed.
  • Women believe that she had sex during ovulation period. This is the time that there is a higher possibility of becoming pregnant.
  • If woman is sexually abused or is forced to go for unsecured intercourse or raped

Two essential factors will let you know if the pill is successful.  This depends on how soon a woman takes the pill after the unsecured sex has occurred. This is also when she has another unsecured sex at the same menstrual period.

You Don’t Need to Take Emergency Contraceptive if:

  • You are already pregnant because it will not work
  • You are allergic to levonorgestrel and any other components in Plan B
  • In place of birth control as it is not efficient

Safety and Possible Harmful Effects of Taking Emergency Contraceptive or EC (Plan B)

When utilized as directed, this emergency contraceptive in general is safe and efficient. Plan B has levonogestre, a hormone utilized in many contraceptives out there, just at a higher serving.

A lot of women might experience harmful effects that take account of the following:

  • A menstrual period which is lighter, heavier, early, as well as late
  • Lower abdominal cramps
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Breast tenderness
  • Vomiting

Some also experience sore breast, disturbingly sore for virtually three weeks, dizziness, and cramps, bad breakouts on face, weight gain and bloating.

A lot of women taking this emergency contraceptive might have chances in their menstrual period like bleeding or spotting prior to the next menstrual period. If you notice that you have a late menstrual period for weeks, you must visit a health provider to conduct a pregnancy test. Once you spew hours of taking this pill, you also need to seek medical assistance to know whether or not to repeat taking the pill.

When you suffer severe stomach pain, you might experience ectopic pregnancy. And thus, immediate medical help is badly needed.

Fertility after Taking Plan B

A fast return of fertility is possible after taking this medical contraceptive. So, you must keep on taking your birth control or you can start one when you do not have a regular method. You have to this right away, the fact the Plan B does not secure against additional actions of unsecured sex.

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