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How to Stop Regretting Missed Opportunities


Some mistakes are best made; they aid learning and help you do better next time. Others, though, bring unnecessary misery and lead to regret. They have no redeeming features and are to be avoided. Note the following 10 needless behaviors that result in remorse and evade them to enjoy greater happiness.

Falling out over trivialities

People often fall out with loved ones about whose turn it is to take out the trash or other trivial matters. Similar stories occur everywhere; folks quarrel over insignificant events and don’t forgive one another. If you want a happy life full of love, avoid fighting about unimportant things.

Not saying “I love you”

Your parents, siblings, and friends know you love them, right? Well, maybe they don’t. What if you never get around to telling them? Let people know you care for them regularly. Distance, upsets, and differences of opinion won’t weaken your bonds if those you cherish understand your love is enduring.

Dwelling on negativity

Everyone has thousands of negative thoughts a day. If you dwell on each morsel of gloom, there will be no time for fun. There’s no point squandering life going over how much you dislike people and events so avoid toxic people and toxic relationships.

Leaving your dream on the back burner

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew into an adult? An astronaut?  Time traveler? Unicorn? Some childhood dreams aren’t feasible, but others are achievable. The workable wishes and hopes smoldering in your mind need to be resurrected. If you don’t try to reach them, you’ll be filled with regret later.

Being a people pleaser

At present, you might think being a people pleaser is kind. In the future, though, you’ll realize doing others bidding at the expense of your happiness wasted energy. You weren’t appreciated and could have done things that made you happier instead. Luckily, it’s not too late to live life the way you want.

Not embarking on self-development

Life will teach you as time moves forward even if you don’t aim to learn. However, you can hasten wisdom by embarking on self-development and reap the rewards of knowledge sooner. The more you understand your mind, the easier it will be to forge happy relationships and enjoy life.

Wasting time

Add the moments spent in queues, and waiting for buses, appointments, and TV shows and you’ll recognize years are wasted. You may also squander time with gossip-mongers and put up with discomfort. Fill your life with positivity, and see each moment as an opportunity to feel good, and time won’t go to waste.

Needing to win

You believe winning is fun. After all, when you cross the finish line first a flood of happy chemicals wiz through your system. Nonetheless, sometimes you will get more pleasure from winning if no one loses. The best outcomes involve situations where everyone wins. Aim to take your friends and colleagues with you whenever you climb the ladder of success and your happiness will expand. If you insist on winning every argument and competition while others fail you’ll regret your actions later.

Neglecting self-care

Eat unhealthy foods in front of the TV every weekend, and you’ll regret your conduct. People neglect self-care in many other ways too. You might know you spend too much time with people who put you down, or you deserve a pay rise, yet don’t ask for one. Additionally, you may have a health worry or need to socialize but make no improvements. Lack of self-care will make you ill and unhappy. Act as though you are your best friend, though, and you won’t be miserable and regret your behaviors.

Lack of appreciation

Do you appreciate and make the most of what you have in life? Studies show grateful people enjoy greater well-being than those who aren’t thankful. Recognize what makes living valuable and you won’t regret having taken things for granted in time.

If people tell you they have no regrets, they probably fail to see they miss opportunities to be happy. Acknowledge how you can improve life and you’ll have fewer misgivings than if you let love and well-being slip through your fingers.

Hi, I'm Samantha. I live in Seattle and I develop logistics management software. I'm also a fitness and health advocate and an assistant editor for the AP!

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