How to Stop Having Periods


Can you stop your period? Every woman I know has asked herself what life would be like if she didn’t have a period at all. Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of completely legit reasons that you’d want to turn it back on, but there are times where you just wish your little monthly visitor, would just stay home.

You’re probably tired of having cramps, or the discomfort from bloating, or just the inconvenience of having to adjust your life a little when it would be much easier to live without her (your period).

Besides menopause, what can you do to stop having your period, permanently? Let’s simmer on that thought for a moment. Permanent is a long, long time. Is it possible to take a break from periods or to reduce the number or frequency of having periods in a typical year? Yes.

Will Your Period Build up Inside You?

This is not an uncommon question, but the answer is, “no.” Your period isn’t getting backed up, and you won’t have multiple periods all at once to catch up if you “turn it off” or at least “turn it down” for a while.

A Note of Caution

If you are probably too young to be experiencing menopause, then remember that your period “is”an entirely normal process and you should have them regularly. If you are not, you should seek medical advice to understand what’s happening in your body.

Use Hormonal Birth Control to Stop Having Periods

Ordinary oral contraceptives (the Pill) are designed to keep you from getting for as long as you are on the medication. One of the birth control side effects are that they help you manage your period. The way most of them work is that they have three weeks that have the active ingredient (hormones) and then one week of pills that are placebo. If you are on monophasic contraception, all you have to do is just skip the placebo week and start on another packet. You can do this for multiple packets at a time, effectively gaining complete control over your period. There are also other types of birth control that intentionally limit your periods to about 4 a year (two commonly known ones are Seasonale and Seasonique).

The risk in using this method to completely stop your period is that, because of the way the birth control works, your uterine lining builds up over time, and can cause complications further down the road, including cancer and infertility. If you want to limit your period to only a couple of times a year, you should talk to your doctor and see if your body would react well to certain kinds of birth control. Talk to your doctor if you want to permanently stop your period, because doctors have access to certain resources that might make it a viable possibility. Just be aware that any methods that will completely stop your period will also stop you from being able to have children in the future.

Lifestyle (Diet, Exercise)

It’s a simple fact of life that eventually you will go through menopause and your periods will stop forever. However, in the meanwhile, you can make some lifestyle choices that have the potential to naturally reduce or even stop your periods. For example, it’s relatively well-documented that consistent, rigorous exercise can seriously reduce your period, even to the point of stopping it. However, unless you’re an athlete, it’s unlikely that you will be able or have enough time to exercise enough to stop it.

You can also add and subtract certain foods from your diet to reduce (and in some cases, stop) your period. Try to avoid spices such as garlic, ginger, or sesame, and foods like peppers and papayas. There are also certain herbs that you can make into tea that ancient Chinese doctors used to prescribe to help with menstruation problems, such as angelica root, raspberry leaves, garden sage (lady mantle) and shepherd’s purse. These herbs are scientifically known to stop heavy menstrual bleeding, and depending on your body, may completely stop your periods.

Having Periods after Hysterectomy

The only way outside of menopause to completely, utterly stop you from ever having another period again is getting a hysterectomy, or having a surgery that removes some (or all) of your sexual organs (specifically the cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus). There are a couple of different kinds of hysterectomies that remove varying amounts of your organs, but they will all effectively end your period forever, because without them, your body has no need to shed your uterine lining, because it would be impossible for you to have a baby without any of those organs. There are a lot of risks and side effects of having a hysterectomy, which may be why most of the hysterectomies that take place are in women that have gotten cancer on their organs.

Periods are a natural part of being a woman, and as painful and inconvenient as they can be, their presence show that you are basically healthy. The most effective way to control your periods is through birth control, the most effective way to end your periods is through a hysterectomy. The best thing is just to struggle through your periods. If you are looking for some other options or are serious about stopping your periods, you should talk to your doctor or at least get a doctor’s opinion.

  • Christy

    If your looking to stop it suck on a lemon it works .

  • Hollie

    I am a 13 year old and I want to get a sex change but my dad say people go to hell for that what should I do?!?

    • Hottie

      Just maybe wait until your 18.

    • Anonymous

      tell your dad to show you that in the bible.. bet he cant find it

    • Anonymous

      tell him that it’s your decision and he can either respect that or forget about it.

    • Anonymous

      God will judge so make choices if you have douts don’t do it god made you the way he wanted you to be. My opion I wouldn’t take any chances you perfect just the way you are.

      • dayreanbell

        yep u tell her cause you know what the hell u saying but yeah thats true cause god will be judging when he comes and get his people from earth and we all should be happy from the inside to the outside if your not happy then somethings wrong with you so u better check yoursekf and dont care what people say about you oh and if people talk about you just tell them thank you and always have a smile

      • Anonymous

        That’s why “he” makes people blind and deaf right?

    • Tara

      Prey that God shows you understanding in his will because his plan might be different than yours. If you still feel in your heart that what you want to do is the right thing then when your allowed to do what ever in your heart is right. Read Romans 5:19 and then Romans 7:14-25 and maybe show your dad because those are very important.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t do it!

    • Human

      Maybe you should think about it for a bit, bro. But if you’re determined that you have to have it done, you should most likely wait until you’re out of the house. Maybe go with less permanent solutions in the meantime, like binding your chest or something like that. Hope everything works out for you in the end!

    • Kojutsikaru

      Hollie, I am a girl with the same problem. I think that you should be freer to be who you want to be as long as you stay true. Sometimes people get scared and confused and make false comments or damn things so they don’t have to except it. I hope you and other people can share this with those who are afraid of difference. Stay strong, stay loved, stay you!!!!

    • AMK

      Only way anyone goes to hell is if they dont accept jesus christ.god or what ever your faith maybe.
      wait… find more information…. your going to be okay…

  • courtney

    Loll u will go to hell

    • Chris walker

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  • Lauren

    Hi I’m 11 and I just got my period today, I want to get rid of it completely because my parents are treating me different and I can’t help but sob somtimes please suggest me a really good way to get rid of it I’m gonna try the tea

    • Jazmine

      Hey Lauren,
      I think that they’re only treating you differently because you are growing up. They probably miss their little girl and they are treating you different because of that, but that’s part of getting older. I know how you’re feeling but getting rid of it permanently at your age isn’t the solution. Look on the bright side of things, you’ll have some sort of excuse to exclude you from something you dislike! But if you are really considering it, you can get a shot called “Depo-Provera”, which is a birth control that stops it for 2 years.

      • Anonymous

        Deprovero made me gain so much weight! I would not recommend that to anyone. Now I can’t seem to lose it and I’ve tried everything. I used to be so petite and had a nice figure!!! I should have just dealt with my period every month and I wouldn’t be in this situation! Amber

    • AMK

      Dont worry girl youre gonna be fine and the other reply is correct. Your growing up is all. We all do. Bestvthing is to tell them pls dont treat me diffrent.. google everything about it. Best products to will find ones you lije getter then others.. i prefer non scented products. They smell wired to me.. yes becoming a women is a oain in the hutt..however its also amazing.. embrace your beauty..

  • abagail

    im 12 and want my period to stop it is awkward and is really weired when im sitting next to the guy i like i feel like he knows im on it

    • Anonymous

      Well im 13 and I know how you feel. Try sucking on a lemon and. Avoid drinking tea. Also, taking a bath or shower ebpvenswimming will stop the flow until you get out. Be sure to drink lots of water! It will help flush out the blood and give you a lighter period to deal with

    • Anonymous

      Im 12 aswell I know how you feel =(

    • Yelena

      I know periods suck I go to karate I wear a white uniform I’m so scared it will leak through and
      I will get embaresed, to make matters worse I’m the only girl! I want stop my periods but I’m only 13 not like
      I can get an injection from the doctors. Ugh it’s sooo embaresing

  • karabo

    I also wnt to stop my periods and i was thnkng of usng contraceptve pills but im shy to go to hospital so wht should i do??

  • Ollie

    i really enjoy swimming and I’m going to this camp where we have to swim
    Well I want a way to stop my period for 45 min or so
    These really judgey girls are gonna be there and I don’t won’t the whole 7th grade to know
    PLZ help .

    • Christian Jackson

      God I know how you feel

  • Ollie

    I hate being a girl
    I bet guys don’t have this

    • Sara

      Umm, guys don’t. haha

  • Ollie

    thanks kojutsikaru I appreciate that u are commenting and helping
    and not trying to sound like …..well……..a know-it-all but my name is OLLIE not Hollie but it’s fine most people think that it’s Hollie
    Thanks again

  • Anonymous

    I really hate periodes give me a solution plz

  • Anonymous

    Alright I’m 17 and my period is the most painful thing for me to go through and I’m considering a hysterectomy because I’ve already been sent to the hospital twice because of the pain. I have no desire to have kids and I need it to stop because I just got a scholarship do Mizzou For volleyball and my period is affecting how I play I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked what should I do

    • Anonymus

      Have you tried cloth pads, menstrual cups or sea sponge tampons before?
      They could make your period lighter and reduce the pain by some levels…
      Hope that I could help!

    • les staford

      I have a daughter 19yrs who plays volley ball also, I give her 2 neurofen or sage capsules work very well also great for sweating great for getting rid of your period/flow look at natural chinese remedies also there great.
      good luck

    • Christian Jackson

      You maby feel like you have no desire for children now but as you grow older, a child will fill that empty whole in your life. Let’s say you become famous. You have no children who will have your legacy after you die?