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How to Stop Your Period for a Week


So maybe you’re going on vacation, and while calculating your cycle you discover that you will be on your period during that time. Especially on romantic vacations or vacations down to the ocean, it can be a true pain to be on your period while trying to enjoy yourself on your time off. To cope with this potential problem, you may want to know how you can delay your period for an extra seven days so that you can get the most out of your holiday. While it’s generally not wise to mess with your body’s natural rhythms and cycles, it is possible to successfully stave off your “time of the month” for a couple of days.

The Pill (Contraceptives)

Ingestible contraceptives are designed to influence your body’s functions so that you can’t have children while you are taking the pills. Generally, there will be three weeks that have an active ingredient and one week where you take a placebo instead, and that way your body can still go through the menstrual cycle and not fall too far off of its natural rhythms. However, if you want to stop your period from happening for more than a day, you can skip the placebo week and continue taking the active pills until your life settles down and you don’t need to be clear.

Note that each different kind of oral contraceptives will work a little bit differently in terms of delaying your period. Your body can also be adversely affected by the pills, so it’s better to only use this method if you’re already taking such medication.


Progesterone hormones (such as norethisterone) can help postpone your period while you are taking it. These pills are prescription drugs, so if you want to take them legally you will have to talk to your doctor. This, along with the pill, is the most effective and sure-fire way to stop your period for a week, because it will be medically tailored to you and your body. These hormone pills are especially effective because your doctor will prescribe you just the right kind and amount to fit your needs and desires.

Alternately, while talking to your doctor you can ask for hormones that will bring your period on early so that you’re done by the time you want to be clear. This is generally a better option, because you’re not going to be putting as much stress on your body’s rhythms by inducing your period as you will by postponing it.


There are no proven ways to naturally prevent your period, but as you may have experienced in your own life, a drastic change in diet or lifestyle can sometimes postpone your period. Lentils and raspberry leaves are two natural foods that are said to prevent menstruation. As mentioned in other posts, sucking on a lemon might also be able to help stop your period. However, due to the nebulous nature of the science behind these remedies, you might be better off trying to use your diet to induce your period rather than delay it.

Foods such as ginger, garlic, sesame, papaya, and peppers are said to bring on your period early, and many swear that by drinking parsley, ginger, or yarrow tea (3 to 4 strong cups a day) has started their period early. Getting your period to happen sooner than usual can help you get it out of the way so that you can enjoy whatever plans you have without needing to worry about it.

In Conclusion

No matter how you stop your period, whenever you mess with your body by delaying your period, you will inevitably mess up at least a few of your future periods. Always be sure to talk to a doctor before you manipulate your body so drastically. They can give you sound advice and access to medications that will be safer and more likely to actually work for you and your body type. They may also have other suggestions for your specific situation, so be sure to be honest when talking to your doctors.

Also, you should note that most of the longer-term remedies require some planning or pre-thought before using them effectively. It is unlikely that you will be able to successfully postpone, stop, or cut short your period very quickly for an extended period of time afterwards. You might be able to successfully stop it for a day at best, but it is unlikely that your body will react that strongly for much longer than 24 hours.


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