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Common Side Effects of Birth Control Pills


If you want to know more about the side effects of birth control pills, you’re probably looking for answers to why you’re gaining weight, having trouble with acne, and other common problems and changes in your body after you start taking birth control pills. Most women find that there are definitely some common side effects. Like any drug or hormone, you need to understand how birth control interacts with your brain and your body to influence some physical responses that may threaten your overall health and well being.

With a hundred percent guarantee that women don’t get pregnant, contraceptives are increasingly becoming a necessity for many people – you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a prescription for birth control. This is why it’s essential to know the common side effects of birth control to avoid more serious health problems. In every advantage, there will be a few setbacks for sure. And some of these are gaining extra pounds and mood swings along with other side effects commonly experienced by birth control users.

Understanding Contraceptives

Contraceptives are highly effective methods for women to avoid getting pregnant. There are various birth control medications such as hormonal contraception like the pill. You need to know if you are safe to take these pills before you even decide to use it, because many medical methods come with side effects. Understanding the side effects of birth control pills is an important prerequisite to taking contraception responsibly. You can get professional recommendation from your doctor to prevent health problems that may potentially arise after using birth control.

This pill is taken orally and when used properly, it provides ultimate effectiveness against pregnancy. But remember that the pill will not guarantee that you are protected from STD or HIV. Thus, it’s important to ensure that your partner is safe from these diseases which you can possibly acquire after sexual intercourse. If you want protection, you can use latex condom to avoid acquisition of STDs, but you should also be aware of the common symptoms of an STD. Some forms of combined progestin and estrogen hormonal contraceptives may also include vaginal ring and the patch.

How Birth Control Pills Work

A woman can get pregnant when she releases an egg from her ovary, which then becomes fertilized by their male partner. After the egg is fertilized, it attaches itself to the woman’s uterus or womb where it will then receive proper nourishment while developing into a baby. Hormones control the process of a woman’s body releasing an egg. This process is called ovulation. This prepares the body for accepting a fertilized egg. Once you understand the role of hormones in the ovulation process, you start to get an understanding of how pharmaceuticals can work their magic on a woman’s body to prevent pregnancy.

Hormonal contraception contains man-made progestin and estrogen. These hormones will be working in order to slow down that natural cyclical of body hormones and eventually avoid pregnancy. With the combination of certain factors, pregnancy is effectively prevented. Usually, hormonal contraception discontinues ovulation while changing cervical mucus so that sperm will find it hard to enter the cervix for egg fertilization; tough effective – there are can be side effects of birth control.

Common Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

First, you should really take to heart the absolute fact that if you are having sex without protection, you’re probably going to get pregnant. And if that is something you are concerned about, make sure that you can identify the early signs of pregnancy.

With more women using birth control pills, there is more information about the potential for bad side effects of birth control. Perhaps, you are experiencing some of the following side effects after taking your contraceptives at home. Know each side effect and be aware on how to deal with them:

Why Am I so Stressed Out?

Anxiety is one of the side effects of birth control pills. Synthetic hormones contained by birth control medications can potentially cause havoc in women’s moods. In fact, all hormonal contraception options contain lab-formulated progesterone and estrogen in order to control cycles. Occasionally, it can cause mood swings and anxiety due to dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and other feel-good neurotransmitters within the brain. For instance, estrogen can cause depression while producing less estrogen and causing a vicious cycle in terms of anxious feeling. In order to reverse depressive states, you can try birth control methods without hormones or at least contains fewer hormones.

I was not expecting to bleed like that

Breakthrough bleeding – monthly period is actually bad enough but other women experience unpredictable menstruation cycle. Sudden vaginal bleeding can be a serious problem when it comes to taking contraceptives. However, there are available alternatives for you to try so that you can cure breakthrough bleeding. Lower estrogen levels may cause excessive buildup of uterine lining making you severely bleed along with random spotting. For safer birth control, you can try vaginal ring, patch, or pill to slightly increase estrogen levels.

A few pounds of prevention

Some women experience weight gain after taking birth control pills. This is because women respond differently to various types of medications. Since estrogen can boost satiety through inhibitory effects on your appetite, low estrogen levels will only make you feel hungrier. In contrast, progesterone can stimulate your appetite – ergo weight gain. If you’re experiencing this, you can switch to an intrauterine device to avoid hormonal contraceptives. Hence, you will not gain weight while you get stabilized uterine lining.

Is that my skin?

Acne growth – birth control is known to produce acne for most users. If this is also your problem, you need to know that breaking out is caused by hormonal imbalance which affects your cycle. As progesterone takes over your cycle, sebum is produced by your body which is responsible in oil slick especially on your t-zone. But did you know that progesterone can minimize pores for smoother skin appearance? Well, it is the extra sebum that gives you sudden breakouts. So if your acne is unstoppable, you can switch to monophasic pills. This works well in treating acne due to short circuit hormonal fluctuations.

birth control can affect the skin
understand how birth control might affect your skin

Aside from these side effects, you may also experience extreme PMS and heavy periods when taking birth control pills. To reverse these effects, you can contact your doctor and get some expert advice on which birth control method to use in order to help you avoid such common problems. While some of these effects are common to women across the globe, there will be particular symptoms you may be suffering from that most women don’t. There’s nothing for you to worry about as you experience these conditions. All you need to do is have yourself checked by your local doctor and follow his prescriptions.

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