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Sex after abortion


Abortion is never easy. Difficult is the decision, difficult is going through it and difficult are its aftereffects. One of the most challenging aftereffects that you and your partner may face is sex.

Sexual intercourse post-abortion is a highly individualized experience. Woman exhibit all kinds of behavioral changes – from calm to fearful, from excited to depressed. Some look forward to sex and some want to steer clear from it for a while. Owning to the fact that abortion is a major event in anybody’s life, the best way is to embrace the changes experienced by you and to discuss them with your partner.

Resuming Sex After Abortion

You are ready to resume sex whenever you feel physically, emotionally and sexually healed. This time will be different for everyone. Some take days, others weeks or months. Most women return to sex life after a couple of weeks. If you don’t feel ready by then, please remember that it is perfectly normal to wait longer.

Please do remember that it is advised, for medical reasons, to wait at least two weeks before resuming sex. Initially for a couple of weeks, you might experience cramping or bleeding while having sex. My best advice is to listen to your own body and let it guide you through.

Abortion begins a new menstrual cycle and you can start ovulating within two weeks of abortion. There are chances of you getting pregnant shortly after the procedure (as early as 7-10 days). Therefore, do not forget to use contraception. Do not use withdrawal or calendar method as ovulation can occur spontaneously at any time.

Sex After Abortion, Medically

Medically, abortion leads to bleeding which can continue for up to two weeks and in some cases even until the next menstrual cycle. Cervix is open as well. Sex with the bleeding and open cervix increases chances of acquiring an infection (e.g. uterine infection). Sometimes an infection might not get noticed at first but may later surface such as pelvic inflammatory disorder.

To reduce the risk of such infections, it is important that you refrain from any sexual activity involving penetration for at least two weeks, or if possible till the time bleeding stops completely. Also, you should be on lookout for these symptoms which indicate infection

  • Lasting pain
  • Severe and continuous bleeding
  • High temperature or fever
  • Unusual vaginal discharge

In case you are experiencing any of these symptoms, refrain from sex. In case you start experiencing these symptoms after having sex, visit your gynecologist soon.

Sex After Abortion, Physically

Sometimes a simple medical problem becomes prominent after abortion. At other times complications related to the procedure lead to health issues. In any of such cases, wait for sex till you get healthy.

Sex After Abortion, Emotionally

Abortion is a big event in anybody’s life; it is natural to feel hesitant for a while. You might undergo phases of depression. Most of the times, this depression is rooted in the feeling of loss and sometimes in the feeling of guilt. Sometimes fear of getting pregnant again and hence going through abortion again brings fear. Whichever way, you might lose interest in sex altogether.

You should know that there is nothing to feel guilty about. Yes what happened was overwhelming. But it hapenned, and there is nothing you can do about it now. You should learn from mistakes you make. They are your past, and there is no reason for them to ruin the life ahead of you.

If possible, talk to your partner. Any feelings of worry or fear need to be addressed as with such a baggage you may never have a positive sexual experience.

Sex After Abortion – All in All

Go for a follow-up check-up to make sure that you are healing properly. Take medicine prescribed by doctor. Eat healthy, stay well hydrated, and leave all the worries aside.

If a considerable time has passed and you still don’t feel ready to have sexual intercourse, take it seriously. This is a problem that deserves attention from your doctor. It might be that you are suffering from post-abortion trauma and would need help of a therapist.

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