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Treat Your Severe Menstrual Cramps


For some of the women severe menstrual cramps have become a part of their monthly cycles and are put to much suffering and discomfort. The menstrual cramps are so common that more than 76% of the adult women have it during their periods at least once in their lifetime. Usually these cramps start as muscle spasms and gradually become too strong to bear and the pain associated with it makes you suffer much during the periods.

If you have cramps as a regular feature of your periods you must take care to find out what causes severe menstrual cramp and get the right type of treatment not only to get relief but also to prevent it from happening again. When you go to your Doctor they will conduct all the tests and rule out the blood clot as the source of the cramps then you can use any of the many types of methods that are proven to give good relief from severe menstrual cramps.

Fortunately we have many types of home based remedies and natural substances that we use in our daily life that can be used for getting complete relief from these dreadful cramps. When you know how to prevent the occurrence of the cramps you need not have to wait for them to occur during your next cycle and then search for ways to control them after they have occurred.

Some of the methods that are known to give good results as effective severe menstrual cramps treatment are as follows:

  • Heat Treatments is considered as the best home remedy for menstrual cramping that is caused both by the muscle spasms and blood clots. When you have cramps during your period give heat treatment using a hot water pad and this you can do it once in twenty minutes. Heat is good for soothing the aching muscles and helps in breaking the bigger blood clots into smaller ones that can be easily passed on with the blood flow.You can also immerse yourself in a hot tub especially if you have severe menstrual cramps effect affecting the whole of your abdomen, lower back and upper thigh areas of your body.
  • Chamomile Tea- Yet another way of getting severe menstrual cramps relief is by using the Chamomile tea. But only the women who are not pregnant must use this. This tea is known to cause miscarriage if taken during the early days of pregnancy. So before taking this as a way to get rid of your menstrual cramps make sure you are not pregnant.When you are having severe menstrual cramps a cup of chamomile tea is sure to give an instant and complete relief from the cramps. This is considered to be one of the best muscle relaxants without the side effects of chemical substances. But you must know that this tea can make you feel sleepy so use caution before using it and avoid driving or other types of activity that need a clear mind.
  • If you want to get rid of Severe Menstrual Cramps forever you should try Menstrual Cramps Cure. It is a new developed natural system with many secret and before unknown technics. You can read how well it worked for me in my REVIEW HERE
  • Medications – you can go for these once you find the home remedies have not yielded the results you want. The NSAID-based pain reliever with ibuprofen that is available in your local drug store is a good way to get severe menstrual cramps treatment.
  • Endometrial Ablation – is the process of damaging the inner layer of the uterus using heat treatment and this will be useful only if you have very severe cramps with heavy flow during your periods and you do not plan to have any more babies. This leads to lighter periods with no pain or cramps.

Thus there are many ways to get severe menstrual cramps relief and you can select the one that is good for you to get rid of the nagging menstrual cramps during your monthly cycles.

If you want to learn more about how to treat your Severe Menstrual Cramps read also “Menstrual Cramps Relief” and “Tips on How to Stop Period Cramps”

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