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10 Tips to Help Reduce Period Pain Naturally


Your period can be really painful, not to mention inconvenient. When you’re in pain, it’s really hard to conceal your discomfort and it’s not everyone’s business. If you suffer with monthly period pain, you probably rely on over-the-counter pain relievers to get through your worst days. Did you know that there are herbs to stop cramps and other natural ways to stop period cramps at school inconvenient situations?

Finding Nature’s Pain Relievers

There are plenty of natural ways to reduce period pain naturally, free of cost and side-effects, including herbal remedies and basic lifestyle changes. If you’re looking find out how to get rid of period cramps fast without medicine, try these ten simple tips, and you may find you can do without those tablets altogether.

reduce period pain naturally

This article is about thow to reduce menstrual pain naturally, but many readers might also be interested in how to get some relief from menstrual pain for a single day.


How Your Clothing Contributes to Your Discomfort

Tight-fitting skirts and trousers can intensify pain in the pelvic area, as can a belt or sash, or a slimline top, so wear light, loose clothing on the heaviest days of your period. Undo fastenings, loosen your belt and remove constraining tights or leggings.

Can Fresh Air Reduce Period Pain Naturally? Really?

Cool, refreshing outdoor air will revive your spirits and help reduce period pain naturally. Go outside, whatever the weather, and take slow, deep breaths, filling your lungs with revitalizing oxygen. This will boost your energy, helping you rise above the pain. Deep breaths will also relax muscles, relieving pressure on tender places.

What Should you Eat and Drink?

Pain can take away your appetite, but try to eat a full, balanced meal and drink plenty of fluid, to energize your body. A full stomach will relax you, and the fluid you drink will promote the flow of blood and its mending properties to aching areas. Hot food and drinks will be particularly soothing and you can even use lemon to stop your period.

Should you Tell Others about Your Discomfort?

Concealing period pain is difficult, adding to the stress you’re already suffering, and stress can exacerbate pain, so it’s much better to be open about it. People will be sympathetic and supportive once they understand what you’re going through, so tell your boss, colleagues and others who need to know.

Rest with feet up

A long rest with feet up will relieve aches and revitalize you, physically and mentally. Pain is tiring and you need rest to cope with it. A hot water bottle on your tummy will help relax muscles, relieving that throbbing pressure fast. A great way to use heat to help reduce period pain naturally, without much fuss.

Should I lie Around or Get Moving?

After resting, make yourself move around a little. Physical movement aids the bodily processes, such as circulation and digestion, keeping you fit and strong through this difficult time. By keeping things moving inside, you will also prevent bloating of the bowel, which can put pressure on the womb, adding extra pain.

Will Water Help You?

A hot, steamy bath will relax your muscles, taking pressure off tender areas. You’ll feel fresh and calm afterward and more able to cope with the pain – if it’s still there.

Relaxation Exercises to Reduce Period Pain Naturally

Gentle, bodily relaxation exercises will relieve tension from top to toe. This will help you put mind over matter and cope with your pain, as well as reducing it. Sit or lie down, close your eyes and focus on relaxing each body part in turn. Work downwards from the top of your head and upwards from your toes, relaxing muscles, sinews and joints until you feel you’re floating.

What About Your Mind? How to Get a Breather

Find something to take your mind off the pain – or whatever is left of it. Watch TV, browse the internet or curl up with a good book. Laughter will relax you, lessening the pain still more, so how about some comedy to giggle over? Talking will also help, so have a chat with whoever is nearby, or ring a friend.

Should you Take Medication for Pain Relief?

If the pain is severe and you’re struggling to cope by trying to reduce period pain naturally, despite all these helping strategies, it may be worth taking light medication, such as one or two mild pain relievers, taking care to keep within the recommended dosage. If you are still suffering to an unacceptable degree, consult your doctor. Med’s alone, aren’t the only options available to you. There are lifestyle changes and herbs to stop cramps. For example, I’ve heard many women use chamomile for cramps and anxiety.

Menstrual periods can be tough to cope with, but it helps to remember that they’re part of the brilliant process that enables procreation, so be proud of your amazing body. Taking control of the pain will help you take control of your life.

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