Positive Pregnancy Test After Abortion

As you get pregnant, your body starts generating related hormones such as hCG. Pregnancy test detects pregnancy by detecting these hormones. With the termination of pregnancy, these hormones start retreating, but that does not happen overnigh. It takes a while for hormone levels to drop below the lowest detectable limits (25mlU/ml for most OTC tests) in your blood and urine. It can actually take as long as 8 weeks for hormone levels to drop that low.

False Positive

During 8 weeks following abortion, if you take a pregnancy test, chances are that you will get a positive result. This is called a false positive as this result doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant. This just means that there are still pregnancy hormones in your body. In fact, many doctors advise their patients not to take any pregnancy test till at least 6 weeks to avoid any confusion and anxiety.

However, it is also true that ovulation might take place as soon as 1-2 weeks after abortion which in case mean that you can get pregnant right away if you are having unprotected sex. One way to predict if you are pregnant again is to take two separate pregnancy tests one week apart. Take the first test and wait for a week. After a week take the second test and compare results. If the second test comes out lighter than the first, the hCG hormone in your body is on retreat and you are probably not pregnant. If the second comes out darker than the first, this could indicate that hCG is on surge and you are pregnant.

If you have serious concern over you being pregnant again, it is best that you consult your doctor and have semi-regular blood testing performed. Semi-regular testing means testing for pregnancy in every 2-3 days. This testing will determine whether your pregnancy hormones ( hCG) are dropping or rising.

True Positive

If you find yourself pregnant again, the choice is yours to continue or to end pregnancy yet again. If this pregnancy is unwanted please talk to your doctor about possible contraception.

Planned pregnancy

Many a times a woman has to choose abortion due to uncontrollable circumstances. In such cases, she may be wishing to get pregnant again as soon as possible. If you had a very early medical abortion, you can conceive immediately. Same hold valid even if you had a first trimester surgical abortion. However, for surgical abortion, it is advised to wait for at least a month before conceiving again. This time period is required for the uterus to heal.