Ovulation After Abortion

Ovulation occurs in your body regularly and it marks your fertile period. The period during which you ovulate is the time you are most likely to get pregnant in case you are having intercourse with your partner and sperm has entered your body.

Busting the Myths

Many women don’t know what to expect after an abortion. Some start questioning their fertility and whether they would ever be able to get pregnant again. Others think that they won’t be able to get pregnant anytime soon it’s safe to have unprotected sex. Both assumptions are false and nothing but baseless.

As you undergo abortion, your body starts a new cycle immediately. Consequently, you will ovulate within 2-3 weeks of abortion and you will have your next menstrual cycle within 4-5 weeks of abortion.

Before a new ovulation can start, your body has to clear the hCG hormone that your body was making while being pregnant. If you were very far away in your pregnancy, your body will take more time to clear the hormone. In that case you might ovulate within 4-5 weeks after the procedure. However, if you were not far along your pregnancy, you could be ovulating even just a few days afterwards.

In 1970s and early 1980s, research and studies were undertaken to study ovulation particularly after abortion. Several of these studies pointed that for most of the women (>80%), after abortion, ovulation occurred prior to their first menstruation cycle. Whether there is any difference in time to ovulation between surgical abortion and medicinal abortion cannot be determined with certainty.

This means that abortion does not necessary cast negative impact on your fertility. Also abortion does not permit careless unprotected sex.

The Road Ahead

Your latest pregnancy confirmed that you are fertile and so is your partner. Ovulation returns rapidly after abortion. Lack of contraceptive in this period may cause another pregnancy to occur soon. Therefore, it is very important that you start with birth control immediately. If you had a surgical abortion and are planning to use IUD for contraception, the best time to get it inserted would be immediately following procedure. IUD insertion right after early abortion is considered safe and does not carry an increased risk of infection. Equally safe would be hormonal contraception like pills, vaginal ring, patch, 3-month injection or implant. If you had a medicinal abortion, you can start with your menstrual cycle.

It is very important that as and when you discuss abortion with your doctor, you also discuss all other issues related to ovulation and contraception at the same time.