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How to Stop Your Period


There are many women out there who ask “how to stop your period” due to inconvenience, heavy bleeding, or the overwhelming symptoms that can cause cramps and pain. For many women, childbearing years are over and they would like to stop their periods for good, whereas while others would just like to stop their menstrual cycle for a short time until they are ready to have a child.

You might want to know how to stop your period for a day so that they can take a vacation or finish a particularly stressful time at work. There are also many theories on how to stop your period, but only a few of these suggestions actually work, which is why it is important to consider all of the available options, including medical, lifestyle and even herbal remedies to stop your period.

Seek medical advice on how to stop your period.

There are a few ways to postpone your periods and a few others that will simply just reduce the amount of bleeding there is and the symptoms that come along with your period. If you want to stop your period for one day read our article 7 tips on how to stop your period for one day

Having a complete hysterectomy is the only way to stop your periods altogether. This type of surgery will only be performed if there is a medical reason. Most doctors do not like to perform this type of surgery on people until they are older because it will put women into complete menopause, which should only happen later in life. Also, a complete hysterectomy would mean that the woman would no longer be able to have children. If the woman is young and still thinking about children this solution to how to stop your period should not be considered.

How to Stop Your Period for a Short Time

To stop your period for a short time you can consider taking the pill. Most doctors will give women the contraceptive pill for three weeks and then the fourth week they will have their periods, but there are some types of contraceptive pills that can be taken for the entire four weeks of the month, thus temporarily stopping your period altogether

However, before you get on the pill, make sure that you understand potential side effects of oral contraceptives. In some cases, you can take Ibuprofen to temporarily stop your period. Many women take Ibuprofen to relieve pain from cramps.

How to Stop Period Pain and Cramps

There are different ways and methods to stop your period permanently, but if you want to better manage your cycle and get a little temporary relief from cramps, there are lots of natural methods that you might consider like chamomile for cramps and other herbs to stop cramps.

Natural ways how to stop your period

When looking up how to stop your period some may find it interesting to read that breastfeeding can also stop your periods. After you have a child your period does not return for a few months if you are bottle feeding your baby. After these few months, your period normally goes back to normal. This is not true for nursing mothers. Many nursing mothers will report not have a normal period for many months after their delivery, which is one way to stop your period for the duration of your breastfeeding.

Questions about ways to stop or delay your period?

Please use our discussion thread to comment or leave suggestions for other readers. There are many methods to temporarily delay or stop your period including eating lemons or lemon juice or swimming or being submerged in water. Do they work? Share your stories, questions and experiences with the thousands of other women who read our site and follow along in the discussion.

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