How to Stop Your Period for One Day


Hey girl. Don’t even pretend that you’ve never said, “I wish I could turn off my period for one day, or one night.” Right? Sure you have. Why would you even want to stop your period for one day or stop it after it has already started? Yes, you can do that, too, if you know the right techniques. By the way, don’t forget that this is a discussion, so kindly share with others, if you’ve tried any of these techniques or when you most wanted to turn your period off!

Well, there are lots of good reasons that any woman would consider a ways to shorten your period. Maybe it’s your birthday or Valentine’s day and you’ve got a special evening with your partner lined up, but you worry that you won’t have a good time because of bleeding, cramps, or some other related discomfort.

Maybe you suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and you want to  to put a chill on some of your symptoms? Hey, you might even want to consider how to stop your period permanently. Sometimes, I do!

Before You Go Any Further: If you came here for information about natural treatments to ease your discomfort, you might consider the top 10 best herbs to ease your period or common foods that might make cramps a little easier. You might also want to know if your period stops in water? Here’s the science on water and your period.

What’s in the article: We’ll discuss the top 8 ways to stop your period for a little while including using over the counter medicines, natural treatments and even beverages that you can drink.

How can you slow down your cycle?

How to stop your period with ibuprofen: Three Ibuprofen every six hours on a full stomach will help stop your period for one day without your period by reducing your flow about 50%. Stay under the maximum dosage for a day and don’t take it every day. Ask your doctor before you start taking so much Ibuprofen to stop your period. There are other things you should know about taking Ibuprofen to stop your period, read “Does Ibuprofen Stop Your Period?

The natural way: You won’t be able to stop your period completely this way, but it will be very light. First, drink a lot of water, take a bath and drink a few more glasses of juice. Most importantly, eat healthy foods and exercise. Your body needs vitamins so eat a lot of fruit too. A secret tip is to eat green beans. All these ingredients will give you a very light period.

The party solution: Alcohol has been known to stop your period for a brief time – like a few hours, but you can’t drink every time you want to stop your menstrual cycle, so this method has a very limited use.

Vinegar: Though vinegar can’t stop your cycle completely it can slow your flow and regulate your period. Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glassful of water and drink it. During your period, you could do this three times a day.

Hide it: If you are planning on having getting really close with someone, you should consider this method. Use these round spongy makeup pads and your flirt won’t notice it. Another solution is to use a tampon cut to a third or half. Keep the string attached to make it easier to pull it out.

Gelatin: With this method, you can stop your period for a few hours. Buy gelatin from the grocery store and mix a package with water. Drink it fast and in about three hours your period should stop.

Lemon: That’s a tip your old aunty would give you, but it works. Chew on a piece of lemon and your period will stop or at least cut short. Read more about how to stop your period with lemon.

how to hide your period

Bonus Tip: If you are considering a permanent solution, read this article: how to stop periods permanently.

Every woman and therefore every period is different. Not all of the tips will work for every woman. Try a few and see what has the best effect on you. If you are experiencing pain or heavy bleeding, go and see a doctor.

  • Charlotte

    Does any of this stuff actually work? Feedback PLEASE?!

    • Liny

      Hello Ladies,

      we have a new Feature for you. From now on you can help each other in our community. Have Fun!


      • Anonymous

        i have my period now.. but for tomorrow i dont want to have it.. if i take this ibuprofen today and tomorrow, will my period be gone tomorrow?

    • Rachel

      Ibuprofen will slow down the bleeding and has done so for me, but it does not stop it. The rest of the ideas seem bad. I have heard that birth control pills will work if you keep taking them, but then you have side effects. The same with Dong quai.

      • Marion

        I can’t ask my doctor but is the ibuprofen one completely safe? It just seems like a lot of pain killer…I’m 14 and going on a school camp for 3 days the day after tomorrow and my period just started today and I would love to have 2 or at least one day off or slightly off. Anyone, please help it’s urgent!

    • Briana

      The first one ibuprofen it works

    • Anonymous

      Nope. Just drinking and bath but that’s only for short amounts of time

    • Anonymous

      I have prom Saturday and I’m suppose to start my period this week. Is there ANY way these tips would work to make it not come until next week or to make it end by Saturday if I start tomorrow?

      • Anonymous

        Get pregnant

      • Anonymous

        Lemons work !!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m only young but does the Ibuprofen work does it have side affects?

      • Anonymous

        Yah gal it does nt count age

    • Anonymous

      no!!! lol

    • Keke

      Ummm I have lemon juice in a cup now cuz I really don’t need my cycle on right now lol. Anyways if it works thank you god!!!

      • Ashly

        Did it ?

    • Krissie

      Yes these work alcohol….lots and lots of water and ibuprofen works lots of water going to try the lemon but exercise water juice lighten

  • I’m trying the ibrufen just now, gony try gelatine tomorrow so let use know

    • Liny

      I’m sure it will work for you. Keep me updated. Gelantine works really well for me.

      • Anita

        Is “gelantin” actually gelatin? If so, do you use a whole box? How much water do you mix it with?

      • Allison

        Where can you buy gelantine?

      • nshlasnhla

        Laira so how do you do the lemon one and how long does it takes to stop

    • Ash

      Did the gelatin actually work???

    • Ash

      Did the gelatin actually work?

  • Laurie

    I’m 27 years old and in decent shape. I tired the ibprophen with no luck. 🙁 I even went to the extremes of taking 3 shots of tequila all it did was make me get goose bumps. My period is still here.

  • Laurie


  • Charlotte

    I’m going on holiday with my bf and I don’t want to go to the doctor because I’m under 16 I was thinking of the tablets but I don’t want my mum to know what shall i do

    • Anonymous

      Honey your too young to be going on holiday with your boyfriend and being intimate with him.

      • Anonymous

        Lol yess

      • Unknown

        Use lime juice

    • Anonymous

      Honey your too young to be going on holiday with your boyfriend.

    • Monique

      The fact that you don’t want your mom to know proves you are to young to be having sex.

  • Charlotte

    I think I will do no 2 5 7 8 because I think they would work

    • aynesha

      So Do You Just Drink Lemon Juice Or Eat The Lemon?? What Do you Do With The Lemon??

  • Lyra

    The lemon one works a dreams stopped it for about 2 days !?!? So happy

    • Hannah

      Doin the lemon one right
      How long does it take to work?

      • Toiya

        Did the lemon work?

    • Toiya

      I’m going to try this, how many lemons do I need to suck on lol

    • jennifer

      did you eat the lemon whole

    • Anonymous

      How long u use lemon?

    • Angel

      Does the lemon on really stop period’s early ? How long it takes ?

    • Allison

      How long did you suck on the lemon and how often

    • Diana

      Does the lemon really work?

  • Jordan

    My period came this morning and since then ive taken my first dose Ibruprofen, sucked a lemon, drunken vinegar, also dabbed vinager on my cliterous as instructed by another website? now off to buy gelantin… i hope one of these methods work. If all else fails then no.6- hide it.

  • Kaylee

    Hi, i was just soaking in the bath and I only had 5 hrs of bleeding before I got in. So I’ve been in for 3 hours and there’s not blood at all!! Hope this helped

  • my period is due in about 2 weeks and I am having a fun weekend with my boyfriend in 2 weeks. which on of those will work the best. I’m hopefully for 2 full days of no period

  • babiigirl

    Will regular vinegar work????

    • Amina

      i want to stop my period because i’m going swimming for about 2 hours polease reply immediately

  • sweet

    Can you use lemon & salt or just suck plain lemon? I need to know NOW!

  • hiera

    Does normal vinegar work? I’m going to a concert on saturday so I’d love to stop it!

  • jennifer

    absolutely not one of those things work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ellz

    The Lemon one has worked for me multiple times. So has ibueprofin. Ibueprofin can also delay it if taken two weeks before your cycle is supposed to begin! <3

    • jennifer

      what did you do for the lemon trick i ate the whole lemon and i still have my period

  • You do not need a period!There is no reason to have one.I hear all the time,well, my system needs to ‘clean everything out.’If there is no mess no need to clean anything! ‘If it ain’t broke- as they say- then don’t try and fix it!’
    If that ‘electrical’ signal isn’t sent from the pituitary gland in the brain then no uterine lining build up- no released ova(but you can shed the lining, but not release an egg and visa versa)then nothing to shed or ‘clean up’ as I have been told.
    There are some cultures -or areas actually- of the world where the females do not have a period! Yet,they have children!They train the young females how to control the cycle like urination -it had to be controlled or the child would urinate until he or she gains ‘control’ through training then it is ‘automatic as it were.
    There is a goal to train a child or reason- the parents don’t want to change diapers forever! But,there is no goal or distressing reason to train them for a female just get ready and prepare- don’t prevent.
    Why females? As opposed to males obviously their organs-glands-design lend themselves to menstruation if nothing is done to control or prevent the process!
    I know of females who menstruate once a year and have children,are healthy etc.One I met only had her period around Christmas and that was it!Some have a one or at most two day period with no untoward symptoms.Why?
    One obstetrician (now deceased)with some 50 years experience told me he had had many females tell him in private and with guilt or that something was not right expression on their face that they have NEVER had a period and had children and were healthy.He would tell them rejoice!!!After I went over my work with him he said ‘now I can tell them why’ or words to that effect!
    I will set up a website explaining my research in full when I get funds.I will write a book on the subject as well as bring how I discovered all of this as well as my discoveries and experiments,etc.

  • Jazzzz

    When I had my last bby my period was so heavy the doctor put me on 3 birth control pill twice a day and my cycle was gne on the 3rd day

  • lisha

    I hate having period cramps hoe do i get rid of thrm

    • Liny

      Hey, try this ebook, it worked best for me best and in long term. My cramps got so much better: Menstrual Cramps Cure

      You also can read our new articles (1 2 3) on the blog they are about period cramps relief.

  • Maria

    I just drank a whole cup of gelatin ( strawberry jell-o mix) with water and I’m going to wait for three hours and then I will report back to let everyone know if it works or not I have read this in other places that it works so we’ll see it also tasted real good until I got to the end then yuck somehow it didn’t taste all that good but it should taste better than drinking something weird lol anyhow I will report back in three hours

    • Paige

      Did this work?

    • Toiya

      Did the gelatin work for you, if so how long?

    • Kandid

      Hey Maria, did the gelatin work? Im considering doing it….

    • Moni

      Hey Maria so idk if it worked for you, but i tried it and the gelatin didn’t work :/ the lemon one didn’t work either but hey not everyone is the same we all have to consider that when doing these tricks. I haven’t tried the ibuprofen tho.. Don’t think I will tho that one just doesn’t seem to convincing. Anyways just wanted to ask if you had or anyone else had side effects because I did:(
      The Lemon gave me extra cramps and the gelatin which was plain WAS HORRIBLE and taste gross it smelled like sewer water -____- all that did was give me a heavier flow and was bloated with nasty pains :'( anyone else has this happened ???
      I think just let it flow cuz none seemed to work I think I’m just gna regulate it with birth control . Best of luck to you girls trying these!

    • Anonymous

      Did the jello mix work?

    • Anonymous

      Please let me know bc I’m sure going to try it

  • sarah

    hi does anyone know if taking a period delay tablet , on the day that you are expecting your period will actually work to stop it from coming pls ? .. as i forgot to start the pills from 3 – 4 days as the tablet prescribes . thanks

  • Mikayla

    Hey, im going to a party on saturday and theres a very special boy there i want to know how to stop it for that day….. thanks!

    • Ivy

      Read the article before you post a stupid comment

  • Follow the steps and the lemon one is good also try making lemon juice outta it (real lemons)!!!!!

  • Yes! Finally something about menstrual cramps.

  • Paige

    I started my period today, and I have a really big date tomorrow and I can’t disappoint, some one please help me out and let me know the best way possible to stop your period for a few hours!?

  • Linh

    Valentines Day is tomorrow and I already bought an entire sexy outfit for my boyfriend…and i just got my period about 3 days ago. Which one of these methods work the best? PLEASE HELP!

  • Debbie

    The lemon trick!

    • Toiya

      Explain? How long does it take to work, and how long does it stop it? All I have to do is suck on a lemon?

  • a.

    how long does the lemon trick take to work

  • ashley

    I am just trying it today, but heard from multiple people that sucking on a lemon slice every few hours really works!

    • Toiya

      How did it go for you?

  • jennifer

    does the lemon trick work and how do you do it? suck on it for how long ?

  • Toiya

    I am drinking lemon juice can someone please tell me if there is anything special I need to do to make my period disappear for a few days? I am going on a romantic vacation with my husband tomorrow and I came on my period some time during the night last night:-( Help Please


  • Grace

    What if your like a younger age

  • Jalisa

    How long does it take for the lemon one to kick in? Someone please help ASAP

  • Really

    These tips are completely bogus. Whoever wrote this made all of it up. Think logically….none of these work.

  • Gell

    I have a sexy date in 2 days and want to know if the lemon one works immediately or is one of the ‘do it early’ methods. Also, how long and how much lemon do you needr suck on for it to stop completely?

  • Gell

    I have a sexy date in 2 days and want to know if the lemon one works immediately or if its one of the do it early methods. Also, how long and how much lemon do you needr suck on for it to stop completely?

  • icha

    : SO do I suck the lemon just like that or what ? ._. damn it .help me people .I got a special event coming up .my menstruation just came 🙁

  • amz

    i have a swimming test and i really need to delay my periods i am very young im 14 can someone please give me some tips as i always have to make excuses n it is a big test so i cannot make anything up and i dont want to use a tampon ive never used on before and dont no how to

    • Anonymous

      Suck or drink lemon (juice) or just tell your teacher

  • mkelly

    Thought, I would try and help the lemon and ib profen I heard work well together every few hours, and there is also they said men cannot even feel it in you while having sex, so if the others don’t work get a soft cup as a back up they said walgreens usually has them.

  • deejay

    I’m having a pool party with all of my friends and the guy I like, stuff was supposed to happen if you know what I mean, and I just got my period today so I didn’t know which method would work well to try until then! If I drink shots of lemon tonight, throughout tomorrow and Saturday will it be gone Saturday night? and how well did the gelatin work!? Please help.

    • Kaylee

      Does the green bean thing actually work?

  • I am using strawberry jello mix in a gatorade bottle of water….have taken iburprphan, and did the viniger….getting a lemon soon, hope this works ladies….I need it to stop asap!!!

  • Liny

    Hello Ladies,

    we have a new Feature for you. From now on you can help each other in our community. Have Fun!


  • Rita

    I just started my period today.. i have date with my friend.. of course we plan a special night. so what is good to stop or delay atleast til sunday. help please

    • Liny

      Hello Rita,

      you can ask this in our community, i’m sure people will help you there. i would try the lemon and ibuprophen!

  • Bianca

    just a quick question.. i have around 6-8 hours to remove my period for at least one or two days i’m spending his birthday with him today & tomorrow and need to get this stupid thing gone, i want to do something special but my period will ruin all my plans :c

  • lexie

    So tomorrow is the act at my school, and we only have to go to school till like 11, then me and my boyfriend are going to be home alone until about six that night. Its going to be mine and his first time and I got my Period Saturday night, I’ve been drinking a lot of water, exercising, and taking vitamins, I just bought a lemon and some gelatin today. My ACT is tomorrow at 7:30 am and lasts 4 hours so should I drink the gelatin before the ACT? I want my period to be gone from like 1-3. please help?

  • Demi

    I’ve got 3 hours left before my new hun comes over!!!!
    Trying the lemon and gelatin afterwards lol
    Hopefully it helps quick!!!!
    Ahhh I’ve been waiting for this night.
    Won’t let my p ruin it for me haha

  • Androulla

    So I’ve tried the sucking on lemon and so far so good, however, I’m still experiencing the stomach cramps. Is this normal for anyone who has used the lemon?

    • Allison

      How long did you suck on the lemon and how often?

  • Chanel

    Which one works the fastest and best. My fiancee is coming over and I want tonight to be very special but I can feel my period about to come on and I have a little bit of spotting goiin on right now

  • DC

    Does lime works also if u dont have lemon

    • Alyssa

      Yes, lime does work. I drank lime “juice” (apparently you don’t need to literally eat a lime) and it stopped my period in around an hour later. I’ll check back later to tell everyone how long it lasts.
      Hope this helps

      • Anonymous

        How much did u drink

    • Alyssa

      Yes, lime does work. I drank lime “juice” -apparently you don’t need to literally eat a lime- and it stopped my period in around an hour later. I’ll check back later to tell everyone how long it lasts.
      Hope this helps

      • Alyssa

        The lime trick seems to stop your period for one day but it will lighten your period though

        • Anonymous

          Can u just buy lemon juice? I have some at home and I was wondering if u have to suck on a lemon or can u just drink the juice?!

  • lee

    I’m off to stay with this guy for the weekend, and everything had been planned, then this morning i woke up and got my period, i have tried the ibuprofen today it’s eased but i’m going to try the lemon tomorrow morning before i leave, will it work by the time i get there in the evening?!

  • Lee

    my period is on very lightly just started, going on a date tonight how can I stop it NOW !!!

  • I just got my period today! I want to stop it today! Will ibuprofen work? Give me helpful ideas plz

    • Liny

      Please girls, write your questions and tips in the Questions section: /questions/

  • Bonita

    After the 3 days of having my period, I took the birth control pill, and it stop my period right away! it work!, I don’t recommend doing this often, better to talk about it with your doctor, because it will change the whole cycle period. I tried the gelatin, at the same time. But I don’t know if it help it.

    • Liny

      That’s great Bonita! Maybe you can write a short info about your success in our community? (Just make a new question and call it whatever you want) Here: /

      • yaimi

        Can you please answer my i just got my period and I’m 11 i need help please. My question is one of the last ones . Please help!

  • amie

    does it completeley stop your period

  • Naomi

    Spring break is on April 6-14 and I’m supposed to get my period then how can I delay it a week or 2 or make it come a week early?? I’m going on a cruise and I won’t be able to do anything if I have it! Please help i really need it gone that week!

  • Cosette

    I actually don’t have any lemons but will drinking a tablespoon of 100% pure lemon juice have the same effects?

  • steph

    for how many hours will this work

  • steph

    those lime works to if i dont have any lime

  • heidi

    am going out with my friend this friday night and i need to stop my period just for friday night . i need something to work please someone reply back. i read most of the comments but none of them really help

    i need help

  • Lisa

    I’ve tried the ibuprofen and sucking lemons. Yea and I still have mine. Ugh sucks cause my boyfriends only home for the weekend and then he’s gone again 🙁

  • Im going away this weekend and I need my period to go away, Im trying the lemons

    • Antonia

      Did it work?

  • cupcake

    Hey how long do u suck on the lemon I’m goin swimming and I’m not old enough 2 use tampones

  • cupcake

    How long do u suck the lemon???

  • ash

    Ladies , from my personal exp , b4 ur period is due try , norlevo , a mornin afta pill , it delays ur period for 5 days

  • Anonymous

    Will lemon juice work?

    • Alyssa

      Yes and so does lime

  • duh

    How long do you suck on the lemon for?

  • nicole

    does this suff really work i need parents decide to go to the beach tomorrow. i really wanna go in the water with my cousins will the lemon work

  • Ashlie

    So I got my period yesterday and I have a date with my boyfriend for our 1 month and I want it to stop any tips so I can make it stop and its very heavy 🙁 ??

  • lena

    nope, drinking ALWAYS works for me (although be responsible, and legal)!

  • Sert

    The lemon one works

  • Sert

    Why would you want to stop it i have a crush on this boy and he is always asking about periods

  • Anonymous

    Lemon totally workes you suckers!!!

  • ebony

    I need my period today to stop. On my way to store gelatin and lemons. Are these sure ways to get this thing to stop for couple of days.

  • fatima

    Its my firstday of my period but I want to stop it just for today bcoz we have special day of my bf can u help me

  • Anonymous

    My period is fisrtday today but I want to stop it for today because we have a special date of my bf can u help me

  • anonamoy

    did the gelatin work? i have prom this weekend and im going to be on my period

  • Kylie

    I got my periods today and tomoro I’m on a hot date and were having sex and trying for a baby so I need to get rid of my periods now so help me

    • Anonymous

      I started today nd tomrw were trying for a baby what worked for you ?!?! Plz I need help ASAP !!! Please

  • Anonymous

    do you eat the whole lemon or just the juices? please answer asap. 🙂

  • coco

    did the gelatin one work and how does the lemon one work?

  • Anonymous

    Which One of these will really work except 1 ?

  • Margaret Ann Sherman

    I hate having it

  • anonymous

    I’m going on a date tomorrow and I started my period 2 days ago but I only actually started menstruating last year october, I need to stop my period for at least 8 hours, I have no idea where to get those tablets and my mom can’t know I’m stopping my period, I want to try the lemon but I have no clue how long to suck it or if I’m supposed to use the whole thing and when I’m supposed to start, HELP!

  • Emily

    how long do you suck oin it for? do you eat it too?

    • Anonymous

      Ok so I need to meet this guy at around 6 pm tmro and it’s 1 in the afternoon now so I kind of have a day and half ! But I have my period and need to stop it !! So should I try everything tmro or today ? As I’m worried it will only last few hours if I try today I’ve sucked lemon and having lots of water right now someone please suggest ?? I can spend all day in shower tmro and will start iboprufin from night and try to find gelantin from Tesco

  • Anonymous

    mine is gushing blood now and im getting pissed off

  • Vero

    Does the lemon trick actually work ?

  • mao

    How do I stop my periods 4 a day pls pls

  • Anonymous

    okay, soo prom this weekend! what kind of vinergar works? any kind? and how ling do you suck on the lemon for?

  • Anonymous

    okay, soo prom this weekend! what kind of vinergar works? any kind? and how long do you suck on the lemon for?

  • dee

    Ladies n girls. Thank you very very much. I’ll try lemon together with vinegar n possibly ibuprofen. Not sure it would work,as I’m having an almost continuous period now (never ever get yoursef this damn nexplanon stick!). I hope it would stop it as I’m having my bf come over from a far away country 🙂 wish me luck, will update after action 🙂 dee

  • alicia:)

    ive been on my period for about 4 weeks now because i didnt get my birth control shot at the right time n now my hormones are all messed up will any of those work for me?

  • Emma

    SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!! I have a soccer game tomorrow and its that time AGAIN and I cant afford to miss my game but i also cant try anything serious because i am still super young…

  • Kim

    Yeah, this is hilarious. I’m going through these comments and all of you are whining about how you have plans and stuff and now your period is in the way. It’s hilarious how you think someone will respond to you! Lol!

  • Nikki

    Wtf! Why nobody answers bout the lemons?!? So far from what ive seen y’all said it works, but if your almost close to starting would the lemon delay it from coming? & does it matter how you suck eat or drink the lemon? Give me answers!!

  • Umeca

    I am not sure which of the three or four worked.
    I tried the Ibuprofen, apple cider vinegar with water and gelatin then juices of one lemon. Within 24 hours my cycle was gone.

    However, I have been suffering from a pretty bad headache for a few days now. It’s possible it could be affiliated to my sinus problems but who knows. This is something I wouldn’t do regularly since it alters the cycle of nature and prompt other health issues.

  • Umeca

    and “could” prompt other health issues.

  • Antonia

    Does the lemon trick works? Because I went on a website and it said it’s just a tale, I need to know because I’m going swimming in two days,For the people who had sucked on the lemon, Did it help? Did it stop the period? If so how many hours? And did it stop in a day? Please Answer I really need to know! Asap

  • Cali

    The lemons work!! I ate the whole lemon as soon as I started to feel cramps, took recommended dose of ibuprofen and no period!!

  • Daisy

    The lemon trick does work but u have to be suckin on lemons a day in advance

  • Anonymous

    Was is vinegar or apple cider vinegar

  • Courtney

    My boyfriend is in the army he been in the field for a week the kids are gone be gone iust me and him we planned a hot date but my period came on wrong time I have tried all of them hope it works it definitely slowed it up

  • Review: the lemon works it takes a few hours though

  • Natalie

    I took apple cider vinegar with out even knowing it helps with your period.. And turns out it works.. It has delayed my period for 3 days now.

  • Natalie

    I took apple cider vinegar with out even knowing it helps with your period and turns out it works. It has delayed my period for 3 days now.

  • Sam

    I’m supposed to be meeting up with the boy on thursday, the same day my period is due X( i’ve been gulping down ibuprofen, and on the day or I’m getting a lemon and some gelaitin. I’ll let u guys know if it works.

  • rachael

    Did it work for you? My boyfriend’s senior ball is Friday and I physically cannot wear underwear with my dress and tampons are not an option because my flow is real heavy. should I start this today (Wednesday) or Friday? I need it to be gone for all of the day Friday. or at least like from 4 pm to 5am. is that possible or am I screwed?

  • Did it work for you? My boyfriend’s senior ball is Friday and I physically cannot wear underwear with my dress and tampons are not an option because my flow is real heavy. should I start this today (Wed.) or Friday? I need it to be gone for all of the day Friday, or at least like from 4 pm to 5am. is that possible or am I screwed?

  • Anonymous

    Would Lemon Juice From A Bottle Work Too? And How Much Do You Drink? Because This Taste DISGUSTING! But I Need It To Stop By Sunday! HELP PLEASE!!

  • lady bjs 24

    I just took 2 ibuprofen sucked on a lemon and about to drink gelatin and vinegar I’m spotting so hopefully it will stop in a lil have something planned and I wanna be ready tonight drinking later

  • renej

    what about if its the night before… my bf is coming home for his birthday and my cycle is suppose to start today or tommorow i already have some of the symptons. Can the IBueprofin delay the blood from flowing just till the next day?

  • Rilo

    I hope dis lemon tricks,works!

  • renej

    Did the jello- mix work? need a quick fix for my hubbies birthday tonight and i just came on my cycle

  • Chin@

    I’m going to Vegas this weekend and I will be at a pool party. What do I do I just got my period ????!!!

  • Melly

    I’m going to Vegas this weekend. I will be at a pool party What do I do I just got my period ?

  • Stacey

    The lemon trick worked for me. My cycle usually last 5-7 days but I only had it for two days this month. Here’s what I did so on Monday round noon I started my period n had to get rid of it n fast so I searched n found the lemon trick. The next day Tuesday I ate first lemon I had only a half one so I ran out and brought 6 more. So I ate one every three hrs and my flow was the same till his evening it got very light then bam it was gone. I think I ate round 4 &1/2 lemons total n I’m not sure how long my period will be gone but I plan to eat them until I have sex lol I do have light cramps but I have had worse. I will probably just take ibuprofen for that. Hope this helps!

  • VK

    Welly well ladies! I figured that I’d give some of these ago.

    There’s been an impromptu threesome invite, and of course it’s three days after I started my sugar pills and on the same day, started to get my period.


    At 3 pm I immediately took my new pack pill. 3:30 I ate a whole lemon. Peeled and ate that sucker like a mandarin orange OxO Got home and took an Advil. Showered and cleaned all down there out. Took another Advil. Left for my friend’s house for 7 ish. Some time after, I took another Advil. Then some time later I took another. Going against bottle directions, I drank my face off. Twisted iced tea ftw. Then we made some awesome sexy time; wrapped up at 1:30 am. Now, afterwards, my period came fiercely, buuuut all during sex, I was blood free! Going to continue my bc pack now.

    Perhaps not collectivly a safe thing to do, but it was an interesting experiment. On a side note, my participating friend actually has her period now, but choose to take the soft-cup approach. That worked perfectly, too. There were not any accidents or mishaps 😀

    Peace out ladies!

  • Vk

    Welly well ladies! I figured that I’d give some of these ago.

    There’s been an impromptu threesome invite, and of course it’s three days after I started my sugar pills and on the same day, started to get my period.


    At 3 pm I immediately took my new pack pill. 3:30 I ate a whole lemon. Peeled and ate that sucker like a mandarin orange  OxO Got home and took an Advil. Showered and cleaned all down there out. Took another Advil. Left for my friend’s house for 7 ish. Some time after, I took another Advil. Then some time later I took another. Going against  bottle directions, I drank my face off. Twisted iced tea ftw. Then we made some awesome sexy time; wrapped up at 1:30 am. Now, afterwards, my period came fiercely, buuuut all during sex, I was blood free! Going to continue my bc pack now.

    Perhaps not collectivly a safe thing to do, but it was an interesting experiment. On a side note, my participating friend actually has her period now, but choose to take the soft-cup approach. That worked perfectly, too. There were not accidents or mishaps 😀

    Peace out ladies!

  • Anonymous

    I took 2 ibuprofen, 2 teaspoons on white wine vinegar in water, a sachet of gelatin mixed in water and sucked on a whole lemon. The gelatin almost made me gag as it was pure and the vinegar wasnt too bad diluted. This is all 3 hours before im going out and my period has stopped so far fingers crossed.

  • K

    I took 2 ibuprofen, 2 teaspoons on white wine vinegar in water, a sachet of gelatin mixed in water and sucked on a whole lemon. The gelatin almost made me gag as it was pure and the vinegar wasnt too bad diluted. This is all 3 hours before im going out and my period has stopped so far fingers crossed.

  • Jackie

    is it just normal vinegar ?

  • Shaa

    Does the lemon juice && Geleten Teick Work :/ I Have a big day coming Up && I dont need the stress of my period ! Please Reply ! I dont want to waste my time !

  • nshlasnhla

    So how long do lemons take and how frequently do you suck the lemon?

  • Anonymous

    I want to stop my period jus for couple of hrs having a romatic eve with hubby an that’s the only time we can get someone to babysit an advise out there plz I’m desperate.

  • Anonymous

    The lemon one works!!!!! Suck on it and after drink 2 big cups of water it’ll stop for at least 5 hrs 🙂 I tried it

  • jane

    i just tried lemon a few hours ago. on day 4 of medium flow. no bleeding since. hate thought of sucking on a pure lemon so all i did was juice of large lemon in 100ml warm water and drunk that!! nothing so far. fingers cossed its finished for rest of 48 hours. im going to keep drinking same combination every 4 hours!

  • Jenny

    Yeah I’m going on vacation with my boyfriend and I have three fours days before we leave and I started today I just need it to speed up the period a little bit

  • tasha

    the best way to stop your period ladies is to get pregnant! it stops the period for anywhere from 7 to 10 months…!!! best method i know.. also try birth control that will stop your periods if you are not trying to have a baby.

  • Ang

    Gelatine works… but it was awful to get down..

    • Anonymous

      when does it start to work

  • jacky

    I’m trying the lime will let y’all know results later

  • maria

    help iam trying to get my period to stop by 7:00 tonight help

  • vea

    Im gonna try the lemon and vinegar. Hope it works…

  • Anonymous

    Once I do the lemon thing n it stops once I hve sex will I bleed

  • Nicole

    Lemon works what I did is put lemon in water and drank it.. It worked and the next day I was period free and actually for a few days! I’m going to Santa Cruz soon so I might try that method again

  • Charlie

    Does this actually work, I need to stop it for a big match tomorrow! Please let me know

  • briani


  • melissa

    I need my period to be gone by Thursday because I’m getting a spray tan and can’t wear a tampon does anyone know how long the vinegar takes to work because I don’t it and has not worked so far!HELP!!!!

  • Yaritza

    How can I stop my period for three days?

    • Jesus christ you lot, try doing the things the post tells you to do instead of asking what to do! All of the methods are there so take your pick!

  • linda

    The lemmon thing worked well on me and I just sucked one lemon and it lighten my period a lot .

  • I tried 3 ibuprofens 2 lemons and gelatin hope it stops I don’t feel anything as of now idk……… tell you soon

  • ladyboss

    ***OKAY LADIES IF YOU WANT TO STOP YOUR PERIOD IN TWO HRS THIS IS WHAT HELPED ME!!!!!*** i sucked on 2 lemons(or limes work as well)drank one strawberry gelatin mixed in with water(cold water out of a bottle), took 2(400mg) Ibuprofen, Drank 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, And after that i drank half a cup of lemon juice mixed in with water AND IT WORKED^0^ in about a hr or so my period was GONE! (I DID THIS WHEN I WAS ON MY 5TH DAY OF MY MENSTRUATION IT WASNT COMING IN THAT HEAVY) ITS OKAY TO DO ALL THIS IF YOU WANT UR PERIOD TO BE GONE FOR A COUPLE OF HRS , THERE IS NO SIDE EFFECTS OR SYMPTOMS AFTERWARDS!!!!!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I have a party Sunday when should I do the ibuprofen or lemon thing

  • nikki

    im going to a pool party sunday when should i do the ibprofen and lemon thing

  • Anonymous

    I just got my period today and I have the rest of the day and tomorrow to delay it for Wednesday due to a larger outdoor festival, I tried the lemon one

  • Anonymous

    One whole lemon squeezed in a cup works make it turn off completely…..

  • Anonymous

    I just tried it right now and i feel like throwing up, but hopefully it works for me.
    But i couldnt finish the gelatine all the way because of the feeling.

  • Anonymous

    Ok right now i tried the gelatine because im going to my relatives and i love swimming especially with cute lil babies, so im hoping it works.
    BTW the gelatine is so hard to drink.

  • Savannah

    My case, nothing worked! Yesterday, I sucked on lemon for whole day, I shot down vinegar almost 8oz, I gagged and drunk gelatine with water, I also took a bath. 3 hours later, my bleeding got lighter, but did not stop at all. I still have my period today.

    I guess each of our body is different, some things may work, and some things may not work. I am curious that I will try each method separately again to find any works for me. Oh, be careful when you try vinegar method, it will burn your inside very bad! It was so horrible that I never experience such feeling in my life (worse than childbirth!).

  • i hate periods…………… you know after ramadan our eid will be came …. so that day …… i have periods…. i know… help me plzzzzzzzzz.. how can i stop.

  • Legacy

    So Ladies, it’s obvious all of us are trying to stop this irritating period. There are so many theories, and opinions on what works the best. The only way to know for certain is to try it. Everyone body works differently! My birthday is tomorrow and I will be 22 yayyyy, anyways I am planning to get so wasted and have ruff’ exotic sex. So I have the lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and gelatin. lol I am using the lemon juice now, yucky. But I am ready to see how well it all work. I will post up when the results are in. Good Luck ladies!!

  • Ally

    I’m not sure but I would use the natural way! Just drink lots of water and juices at a time and exercise like walk for about 20 minutes I guess. Well, that what I’m doing…

  • yaimi

    I need help please someone?… my cousins came from Israel and I want to go to the pool with them but I’m on my period so I read this and I ate a gelatin and also drank 2 and a half cups of lemonade but it hasn’t stopped yet and it has been 20 min since i drank that

  • Anonymous

    just took three lemons

    • Jasmine

      Stick a tampon in you and get in the damn pool the water as well as the tampon will stop the blood from every appearing…

  • LaLeigha

    It is suppose to be a real pack of gelatin, NOT jell-o mix. It would be in the baking isle. There is a huge would be drinking straight gelatin.

  • Anonymous

    you suck on the lemon to get the juices to come out fresh

  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend lives in NYC & he’s coming down to upstate to see me. I’ve planned this for a couple of weeks already but sadly I got my damn period

  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend lives in NYC & he’s coming down to upstate to see me. I’ve planned this for a couple of weeks already but sadly I got my damn period

  • pooja

    Plz any one help me i just get periods ine hr ago plz any body help me to delay only for one day

  • Tisa

    so did it work??

  • lele

    i just took 3 shots of lemon juice, which was equivilant to the juice of 3 lemons. I also drank a 20oz of cold water. My hubbies b-day is in 2 days and i hope this works.

    • unknown

      did it work?.

  • Please help guys

    I have a soccer tournament this weekend and also my boyfriend is going please someone help me with what can i do to stop my period for atleast a day or something please !! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Whatever….don’t come to this site them. Things are not funny! People do have lives. Obviously you don’t. Others came on here for advice!

  • Breseis

    OMG. Am trying the lemon. Have been for about 4 hours and my period has stopped. I started my light first day. I drank about 4 oz.of lemon juice, then lots of water. Then 3 hours later repeat. So far so good. Because I am going on a mini-vaca with my man. I will be repeating tomorrow all the way up to sat!

  • Tania

    Okay I just drank 3 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with water, I’m going to take an ibuprofen right now, my period ends on Sunday but its very light now & I want it to stop it TODAY! My fiancée comes home in about 2 hrs so hopefully it works!!!!

  • Liz

    I’m on nexplanon and have been on my period for 3weeks :/ help please

    • Val

      I have the same problem. But I’m going to try the lemon trick

    • cherk

      I have that too and been on mine for about 3 and half weeks…. did u find anything that help

    • Grits

      Get the Nexplanon taken out. U may have to try another birth control method… That is what I had to do… Period was on every month for 3 weeks or more…

  • Angeline

    may i knw what type of vinger did u drink apple cider or any viegar aso is allowed

  • jinny

    my period started to idk like before my sister

  • Anonymous

    same here except im 11

  • Ryanne

    I am on my third day of my first and I was looking up some stuff ’bout how to stop it cuz I’m going to a camp next month. I hope everything works :). My BFF got hers a day after mine inronicly too

  • Ryanne

    I’m on my third day of my first and I needed to find a way to stop my second cuz I’m going to a camp next month. I hope everything works :). My BFF got hers a day after mine inronicly too

  • steph

    the lemon works !! i sucked on 7 lemon SLICES and in an hour no bleeding.

    • Leah

      Do you think lemonade would work?

  • Anonymous

    You should just drink the vinegar again then, if that worked so well the first time you tried it?

  • i just got my period it not real short want to stop in for today gonna see my man tonight hiw can i stop it for just today

  • step

    i just got my period it not real short want to stop in for today gonna see my man tonight hiw can i stop it for just today they the lemon hope it work please do

  • RlB

    I drank lemonade a week before my period was supposed to start & its been 3 days & my period is still off. All smiles!!!!

    • unknow

      what is the name of the. lemonade did you get the lemonade in the bottle did you get the lemonade in the carton what color is the lemonade will the lemonade make your period go away and not come back will the lemonade your period go away every time you have your period please leave a reply thanks

  • Anonymous

    Going to a concert in three days, what kind of vinegar do I use?

  • Reyna

    Would Tylenol work or does it have to be ibuprofen?

  • jenny

    Does the lemon thing work ? & how long do I suck on the lemons how many lemons ? I berly started today & I want to get rid of it for at least 2 to 3 hours im going to go out with my bf help me please want to get rid of this!

  • destinee

    Im in the tub about to try it

  • tee

    How many boxes of gelentin did u drink

  • Gaea

    I am exactly two days away from my period and i have a sexual encounter planned the night before and the morning of my period. I have absolutely no idea how to stop it from coming!!! I NEED HELP ASAP PLEASE I THESE THINGS ACTUALLY WORK SHOULD I DO IT THE DAY BEFORE MY PERIOD AND THE DAY OF??? THANKS

  • terry

    yall do this stuff really work ??

  • Mandy


    So today is Wednesday and Friday I’m going away for the weekend with the boyfriend and am seeking the sex.

    Wed – 11am
    – Ate a lemon (yes, ATE. Flesh and all).
    – Mixed one 85g packet of flavored jello with water and drank
    – Had about a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed with apple juice (to make the taste less awful)
    – Had two ibuprofen

    Wed – 3pm
    – Squeezed the juice from a lemon into another bottle of jello and water and drank (didn’t think I
    could handle another whole lemon Dx )
    – Another vinegar and apple juice
    – Another 2 ibuprofen

    … It’s now 5pm and there is literally not a drop of blood (I’ve had a good prod around and checked –
    there’s none up there at all). I am on the Nexplanon and have had a light-mid flow for 3
    f*****g weeks and this is the first time it’s stopped. Hoorahhhh.

    I plan on keeping up this routine (twice a day) until about Saturday night. If I change it or it stops working
    or anything I’ll hopefully remember to update you guys.

  • em

    My boyfie n I have a date tomoro..sure hope th lemon one works..i don’t wanna ruin our date..

  • em

    Ladies tell us if the lemon trick works..

  • Nene

    Ok so I tried the lemon first. Then I drank jello one box in 8oz of water! It works, I felt cramps then it was gone. I seriously hope this keep it off I’m the rest of the night. Before I leave my my boyfriends I’m going to drink another jello and more lemons!!! I need to gone for the night!!!

  • Guys I need help. what’s the best ?? I’m seeing a lot of comments about lemon

  • Anonymous

    I had some of that lemon juice stuff. The one that’s in a lemon shaped bottle and you squeeze it out. Will that work too since it’s lemon. Its so hard to drink it straight from bottle.

  • Seagirl

    I did it twice. Mix 2 tablespoon vinegar with a cup of water and drink it… than eat a half lemon. After an hour my period stopped for 4-5 hours.

  • anonymous

    I’m supposed to start my period friday todays monday I’m spending the night at boyfriends friday and saturday when should I start eating lemonds

  • Hello , ladies I have found that douching will stop your cycle for one day it has always worked for me.

  • Tracey

    celebrating 15 year wedding anniversary on Sunday evening, spent thousands on a romantic breakaway. Got my period today, Not letting the red robot stop our fun. Gonna try the Ibuprofen, lemon and Gelatin and let you know. good luck ladies

  • Vee

    Ok. I just took Ibuprofen and drank sme lemon juice now, guess what??? periods are gone and its still 16:25, I guess it stopped too soon, have to drink more for tonight….lol

  • Vee

    Lemon juice does wonders, so is Vinegar. just had some now and periods are gone but I guess its still early, have to take more before evening 🙂

    • Candace

      Does the lemon juice or vinger work better for the period thanks candace

    • My period started today but I want it to go away for about 2-3 hours because my boyfriend is coming over. Any suggestions (no rude replies)

      • Kristina

        Any suggestions my birthday is on saturday and I want to enjoy it with my boyfriend

      • Can u kiss a boy on your period

    • Alli

      Oh my gosh I tried the vinegar on the 4th of July because we were having a pool party and my period came the day before. Even though my flow wasn’t too too heavy it worked and I swam for 7-8 hours with no leakage

    • Olivia

      I really want to know which one works the best because I’m going away with a friend and we will probably go to the beach a lot

    • sne

      hi Vee I want to be with my man tomorrow, if I drink it now the whole day for tomorrow I wont have periods

    • caddy

      how much lemon do u take

  • Mika

    What do you do with the lemon? Suck on a lemon, or drink lemon juice, or drink lemon water? Does it actually work?

    • Kay

      Do you f**k with your PEROID ON??

      • Anonymous


      • liza

        I want to but this didn’t help it didn’t stop it enough to do anything

    • aquinae

      That’s Sick

    • I’m going on a school camping trip in 2 days for 3 days and there are designated bathroom times so Does anyone know if the any of these will stoop my period either today or tomorrow?

  • Lala

    My period started 2 days ago & idk what to do & i go back to school on jan.2nd & i wanna go back to school & be kissed by my boyfriend when i give him a gift i bought & i dont wanna go back being cranky af please help me :/

    • Anonymous

      it worked for me but only for an hour or two

  • Pat the lower part or your stomach that hurts and place a warm bottle of water on it !!

    • Haleigh

      Does lemon juice really work??

  • samantha

    is white vineger ok?
    i only have that

    • Amber

      Yes white vinegar is great I tried it and it kept it off about a day or two

    • liza

      no, but apple cider viniger isnt hard to find and its cheap

  • kaitlynn

    Okay, so my period started monday night and its tuesday now. Its my boyfriends birthday sunday but I really want it gone by friday because im going there for the whole weekend. What should I used. I think im gonna try jogging and stuff since I have a light period anyway, like it normally lasts 3-4 days. Hopefully the exercise and water works. I dont want to do anything else unless im desperate. Ill let yall know if it worked.

  • Boobsy


  • I’m 13 years old and I really need help because I go to school and I don’t want to be cranky when I’m at school and I really need my period to stop for 5 days please help me guys. P.s. my mom even thinks I’m cranky too so ……

    • Brittany Hall

      Ibuprofen and a hot bath made sex wonderful for me was lik I never was on my period 🙂

      • Elle

        You do realize that’s a child that you just told that to, don’t you?

  • Anonymous

    Valentines is
    In two days I started my period Tuesday and today’s Wednesday! Please help me get rid of my period by tomorrow! Me and my boyfriend are going to have the weekend together!

  • cayza

    How do I have sexy time with my guy if im on my period? I kno it weirds him out. So what can I do to stop it . Any teasted and proven methods?

  • Ibuprofen works great

  • Kate

    Mines happened on January it took about 7 days and February it took about a week in a half, but I am not sure about March thought, but I think it will take forever to stop, but I think it will take about 2 weeks in a half.

  • Brittani

    Can you have sex when you’re on your period?

    • Yup.. you can have sex during periods… but be careful for the protections.. like condom etc

    • yea but it could get messy

    • Sure i have dune it it stops my cramps

  • Malysa

    That’s rude. Some guys just aren’t into that sort of thing. My boyfriend isn’t into it, yet he will go the extra mile for me and brings me things that will help ease the pain and whatnot. So, if your line of thinking is replacing them, maybe you should be the one getting replaced.

  • Bethany

    My period came on yesterday and I have been cramping all day yesterday and all night yesterday pumping pills all day today ….now i have a headache. OD, maby? I need remedies that won’t involve all this medicine .

    • Gabby

      If you have bad cramps, drink some Chamomile tea.

  • jay

    I’m trying it now took 2 ibuprofen ate a whole lemon (well sucked all the juice out) drunk some apple cider vinegar fingers crossed I’ll let you know of it worked or not

    • Neena

      Let me know if that works cause I’m about to do the same

    • Beth

      Did this work ?!

  • today is Thursday and i just started my period and i’m going to six flags tomorrow on friday and i’m a heavy bleeder, i really need help i really do hope these methods work!!

  • Riley campbell

    If you take a birth control pill and want to avoid a period for a month. Start your next packed the day you would normally start your sugar pills. I did this for my wedding!

    • Charlean Sorrell

      Im spotting inbetween periods and its light I been drinking viniger and mineral water and I ge spend the weekend with my bf tomorrow I need my period to go away by tomorrow and for two days please help

    • Sallie

      That’s great and dandy and all for you, but I doubt that I as a thirteen year old could get birth control pills.

  • becca

    im 12 and i ususaly start a few days early but this time i started 8 days early!!!!! so anyway im going toMexico and getting back the day before my period starts and im afriad i will get it early please let me know what works best (ps my mom would never get me tampons but if i absolutly have to i will steel some from her.) )= desperate

    • Lily

      I’m 14 and finally convinced my mom to let me use tampons. They work great and you sometimes forget about your period while using them and the pain goes away. I would really suggest trying to convince your mom to let you use them.
      I just started my period a few hours ago and took a 500mg Ibuprofen and then laid down and relaxed in a dark room for 30 minutes. That always seems to work for me. It really only relieves the pain for me, but the flow does get much lighter about an hour after taking the Ibuprofen. I hope I was some help to you.

    • you should take time toto talk to you mother and tell her you really do needtampons. theyre a great help!!! but if i were inyour situation i would take some from her two

  • Jamasha

    Idk what to do with my period my stomach hurts so freaking much someone plz help me out here I want my period to end so if u guys could give me some advice then that would be nice

    • beca

      Drink lots of water and have hot baths vitamin c helps too

      • Gigi

        If you take a bath will there be tons of blood in it im 13 and i just started and i have school tomorrow what should i do

  • Has anyone ever tried the suction thing? I’ve been saying for years I would love to see this and can’t believe it really exists.

    • zoey

      What suction thing are u talking about

    • Trese

      What suction thing !?

  • Keeks

    what works the quickest and most effectuive????

    • niquagurl

      That’s wat I wanna kno too…wat works the quickest

  • Addison

    Hey I just started my period and schools out for summer and the pools are open now but I can’t use tampons because they hurt any suggestions?

    • Lilly Kellum

      Then you’re not putting the tampons in right lol

    • Selena

      I know How you feel i go back to school tomorrow and im going to the movies On friday with my boyfriend and i dont want my pierod On friday…. Anymore ideas….. comment if you have anymore ideas

  • zanell

    thankyou for ur tips am going to try Brufen, am tired of this none stop periods.

  • Puppy

    I’m going to a place tomorrow and it involves water and running! What should I do? Would lemon juice work?

  • haley

    Im having cramps right now and tomorrow (Wednesday) I’mgoing on my school trip to Wisconsin Dells and Iddon’t know if I will get it tomorrow and I’mvery nervous because I hate wearing tampons

  • Bel

    Instead of gelatine you can just make jelly but drink it after you’ve made it and it works a treat

  • anonomus

    Nothing is going to work im sorry if you dissagree im a doctor and know for a fact it wont work.

  • Anonymous

    Omg I can’t stop having my period >:(

  • Samantha

    It’s hot out today, I’m having a pool party but I got my period thins morning. I’d like it to to be gone before they all get here, they will be here at like 3 so I really need it to be gone and stay gone! Help please!

  • Anon

    What Should I Do I Came On My Period This Morning And I’m Going To My Boyfriends House TONIGHT WHAT Should I Do Please Give Me Advice!!!!


    I can on on the 19 but I want to meet up with my friend on the 22

  • lady ghost

    Do dis lemon stuff really works I need help I won’t it to stop

  • Anonymous

    listen ladies …… even if you are on your period there is a solution, you can always have sex in the shower it’s cleaner and he wont be worried about being covered in blood, so you will both be happy. Seeing as how being inside water your period stops maybe some of you might be into having sex in the pool or the beach. But if your boyfriend can’t wait for your period to be over and he cheats around .. Then GET A NEW BF. You’re welcome

  • i really want to go swimming but i am on my period plz help and i am not allowed to use tampons

  • Loz

    Seeing my bf today at 12 its 8am atm got no lemon and no ibrofron but does paracetamol work

  • Amy

    I’m going try drinking lemon juice and water and tea and taking pills. I’ll tell you if it works. 🙂

  • Alli

    So glad for this I started two days before a big family pool party and I can’t use tampons so yay!!!



  • Anonymous

    did any of those things work . i have a friend coming 15 hours away and i just started he will be here in 2 days

  • Rach

    I haven’t gotten my period yet but I can tell I’m gonna get it soon because I’ve been having the feeling in my stomach the past couple of days… But Im going to a water park tomorrow so I want to make sure I don’t have it tomorrow… What should I do ?!

  • Brianna

    I tried ibprofen and a hot bath I’m going swimming today fingers crossed my period stops

  • kendi

    Had my cycle for 5 and a half weeks but I stopped it. I ate a lemon (the same way you would eat an orange in slices). Drank about 3tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in like half a bottle of cold water. It’s been like 4 almost 5 days and it’s stopped completely. It stopped about 3/4 hours after I took it and it hasn’t been back yet

  • loser

    Some guys just don’t want their dick to be covered in blood with tge odor of fish when they pull out

  • Meg

    Ok so I wear pads because I hate tampons…but I started mine yesterday and I have band camp this whole week and we can never go to the bathroom and I’m scared I will bleed through…

    • Jessica

      You need to let whoever puts the camp together know that you have feminine needs that the people who are there during the day will not let you tend to, because they can really get in trouble for that.

  • A_J

    Vinegar also makes your period come on quicker

  • I need help!!!! Waked up with my period and it’s my best friends party tonight and I want to have but can’t it starts at 7:30 please help

  • steph

    Tip if you really think that having sex in your period is gross and messy there are a couple things to consider. If you really wanted to showers are amazing. And he would barely even notice. 2 it might sound gross but menstral blood actually works as a good lubrication so you don’t dry up and it hurt. 3 it helps ease cramps and pain. 4 your lady parts are much more sensitive this tinge of month and it feels 2000 times better. So before you judge it try it. If you really don’t like it or he doesn’t fine but you can’t say its gross unless you’ve actually tried it.

  • Ash

    Is this normal or not? when I have a period I don’t get any cramps just blood so is that normal or is their something f###in wrong with me or what

  • Ash

    Oh and also tommorow I am going swimming in my new bikini with my boyfriend at this school party how can I stop my period before then

  • Dawn Rushing

    YUCK thats gross my opinion…

  • I need to get rid of my period because I am sick if it coming every month can I get rid of it for ever.

  • Lil bit

    My cycle just came on today how what can I do or take to make it go away by Friday

  • Ava

    What hasn’t been mentioned in this article is when to do these and how quickly they will come into effect. Would you suck a lemon the day of your period and it will stop that day? Or would you suck it the day before and the next day it will come into effect? If you take ibruprofen does it work the same day, instantly, does it take a couple of hours to come into effect? I’ve started my period today and i need it to be gone Saturday night (2 days) so when do I start doing these things?

  • fabi

    1. No one should be having sex while on your period!! ” When a woman has her regular flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will last 7 days, and anyone who touches her will be unclean till evening.
    Leviticus 15:19

    2.Why would anyone want to have sex during a period? Its already painful enough and the fact that you’re bleeding is just nasty.

    3. Come on ladies show some respect for your body!!!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, youre not bleeding. Its blood from your uterus lining that had shed over the month and is disposing of it.
      Not everybody is religious either. And its pretty easy to use a condom which also good for protection. Having intercourse also relieves cramps!

      • cd

        totally correct!

    • jiggity

      You’re an idiot hahaha wtf

    • happy

      Fabi go %^&* yourself women can do what they want and sex helps your period you cramp up and sex cause the body to contract abs and uterus making you work more than usual if I have sex on period period wil last 2 days

    • Ariel

      Girl bye!

    • cd

      omg what stupid advice! of course you can have sex during your period, do you live in the middle ages? in my experience the period just stops. i’ve not done it many times whilst on – maybe 3 or 4 times, but the other person has not even known about it – so how do you explain that? you must be some kind of religious nut.

    • Erica

      You are a mad woman. Sex is a natural, healthy thing. It is not meant to be painful, and actually can be helpful for women ( relieves cramps) on their period. It is not “nasty” it is up to the man and the woman whether they choose to have sex during her period or not . That is great that you have an opinion, but be careful what you say.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Shut up. Grow up. People have sex and yes that includes being on your period

  • neisha

    I got my period early this month n I’m mad……I enter to stop friends and I r going to the lake and I want to get my coochie ate all day thts the game we play.I’m not eating If I can’t b ate…

    • Toy

      That’s exactly what I’m going through

    • Anonymous

      You just won the internet.

    • roro

      I’m sorry but I just fell over laughing at this comment. I hope you able to partake in all the weekend activities!!!

  • Ella

    I’ve just got my period and I’m spending the weekend with my boyfriend and he likes being cosy and having fun but I don’t want to do anything if I’ve got my period help a gal out

  • Donya

    honestly for all the pre teens under 15 shouldn’t take ibuprofen, 3 at one time, is not safe.. talk to your mom about the methods and let her help you out, because these methods could hurt you in the future..

  • Sasquach

    Ugh. i hate periods sooo much i’m 12 and my first one was when i was 11 but because of my ADHD i am really violent and cranky so trying these methods tomorrow before school and maybe tonight, wish me luck. 😀

    • cody


      • Anonymous

        Not what she meant so don’t call her stupid perhaps if she put a comma you would understand her what she meant was because of her ADHD she is cranky and violent and her period makes it worse.

    • KT

      Casquach? 0_0

  • Sasquach

    DON’T DRINK VINEGAR!!!!!!!! 🙁

  • bvbgirle

    Lemon juice works a lot

  • Anon

    I’m a cam model, & I just had a client purchase some white panties from my site… I have to wear them for a few days for the client to be happy, but I’m on Depo, & am due for a shot in 2 weeks. I usually have my period, albeit lightly, for just about the whole last month before I get my next shot. I’ve been on my period for 2 weeks now, with no sign of stopping. I don’t know how I’m going to get my scent on these panties without getting them all bloody…
    Don’t be judgmental, this is how I make my living – Happily, I might add.

    • Anonymous


  • Kayla

    Jen, did you use white vinegar or apple?

  • nisha

    Its very uncomfortable to have sex on your cycly

  • Alfreda

    What can I take to make my period stop I am trying to have sex and I don’t want to have sex while I am on my period. What’s good for this .

  • Superuni

    I dont want my period because i have a sports game on friday and now its monday and havibg practise with a pad on is disgusting and uncomportable and NO im not shoving a tampon up my place and i just sucked on a lime…. Does lime work as well as lemon??

  • mallory

    Real men be like. . I heard it helps with cramps. ..

  • My periods last about ten days is that normal? And I have a dance presentation in a month and I started my period today. What should I do to not hugest it during that time?

    • Ami K

      Ten days is quite normal, but the norm is 7 days. 🙂

  • rhonda tsinnijinnie

    Need help to stop my period

    • Bianca325

      Take a cold bath with 2spoons of baking soda the coldness will set the blood and the baking soda wil dry the blood in a day up hope it work it works for me (or take a swim)

  • Maddi

    I’m camping and I’m goin deer hunting and I don’t want to sit in a deer stand and be on my period when I kill my first deer.. Help me

  • how do you stop a heavy period answer my question text me back

  • Hi

    I just started my period on Wednesday and its Friday I was hoping to see my bf what is the fastest way to get rid of it in a day??

  • Gisela

    Can I have sex on my period yes !! Is the awnser espacialy in the bath and I’ve done it it works even though I’m only 12 🙂

    • Unknown

      Where are this girls parents?!^^^

      • Bonnie

        In all honesty I don’t think she’s being honest I know twelve year olds get urges but I don’t thonkyany of them would be dumb enough to go through with it.

    • Anonymous

      You’re 12 and having sex. I’m 16 and still a virgin.

      • Anonymous

        Same, I really dont think you should be having sex yet.

        • Yeah, I know I’m too young

          13 about to loose virginity, ahem. thats a good reason for me to stop my period so i can.

  • Stephanie

    Agreed! My husband doesn’t let a period get in his way unless it’s extremely heavy. He’s not even into that sort of thing, he’s into ME. Just throw a towel down girls, you’ll be fine, its actually not that bad to clean up. Calm down.

  • SweetZ

    Ibuprofen do not work… going to try lemon and jello and vinegar.. it’s not nice to judge people on what they do with their BOYFRIEND..

    • Anonymous

      Ibuprofen doesnt work for everybody but it sometimes works for me.

  • Charmed

    I have my period on a wednesday, and it last for 3 to 4 days, on saturday my boyfriend and me will be having a weekend togethere, how can i stop my period on saturday completely? I dont want to be messy

  • Well guys I am on my period but I feel uncomfortable in school it is so weird I tried vinegar water banana shower but not working help me

  • jiana

    hi frnds i just started my period on 25th november 2014 tuesday.. And i want it to end it for 1 day only.. Becoz tomorrow is my bf’s birhday and i have to go its urgent but my period is really heavy and i dont wear tampons/pads becoz i hate it. Please help me to stop it.. I dont take brufen or any other medicine i only need natural things plz help me im 22 i need to stop my period its urgent plzz my period dont hurts but i need tips only natural plz. And i cant also bath for atleast 30 mins coz only when i go to bathroom my family starts counting how much time do i take on the bathroom.. So tell me any tips? Sucking lemon is also not allowed in my home they say ur teeth will broke fast or whatever… any other natural thingzzzZ plz no rude comments .. :)) i love the people who reply my comment thanks.. Jiana

    • Anonymous

      You’re 22 and can’t enen use correct grammar.

    • Are you serious?

      You can’t even bath with somebody counting the time , im surprised you even have a bf…are you even suppose to be having sex???????????????

  • REALLY??

    Ibuprofen? To stop a period? Ibuprofen stops cramps, not the actual period. a doctors visit may be the answer

    • Salinalove

      It helps for me it stops my period and cramps and i dnt hv to worry about it

  • nique

    I need to know what works the fastest, and last the longest. Mine is due any day now, and I have plans with my boyfriend this weekend. I would really appreciate the honest feedback, I’m a heavy bleeder as well.

  • Maria Feliciano ♥

    Lemon works very good. If you don’t like it soury, add a pinch of salt and you are good to go. I have tried this method for the past 4 years. I’m 18 now and it still works (:

    • Anonymous

      Does it stop for hours or it skipped the days

  • Anonymous

    Seriously do not put anything in yourself while doing the sexy, youll end up damaging your cervix by one wrong bump and end up in the ER.

  • jepjep

    Does lemons actually work

    • unknown

      it works for some people just experience and see what works for you

  • Imelda anthony

    am seein my period for 2weeks now how do I stop it ?

    • Hi

      If you are having a period everyday, you need to visit the doctor. This is not only unhealthy but Unreal as it isn’t normal. Quite frankly, I don’t think you are telling the truth because I’ve never heard of this, but if it is true, you need to visit your doctor asap.

      • Kas

        Its possible and its very normal to have your period for a long time I’ve been in mine for 4 months

    • Anonymous

      Go to the doctor bc u miht have an imfecton or you might be pregos

  • rina

    I have my period every single day. You girls complaining about having sex on your period and saying people that do it are gross is nasty and just rude. I have been very lucky with my partner that he loves me for me and still finds me sexually attractive enough to have sex with while im bleeding. It’s hard enough bleeding for 365 days a year without being rejected by my partner for it. Sure it’s not for everyone but no one is forcing you to do it. Seriously quit the judging. You are appearing as narrow minded prudes.if it’s not for you just don’t do it but don’t judge others for their choices.

    • Bonnie

      You might want to see a doctor about that

    • taylor

      imma help u out right quick. thats not normal go to the hospital ..

  • sam

    How do u have it everyday?

  • shaniqua

    Im not a heavy bleeder i stay on for 3dayz i just want it to stop for tonite

  • Paola West

    My boo is a US MARINE and he’s in town for a week. I’ll be in my period those days 🙁 how can I stop it cause we trying to smash 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Ape

    My birthday is on 4 feb and i had my period on 31 jan now what should i do

    • Anonymous

      Are you pengnet

  • Mother of many

    Hi ladies, I began the period journey 28 years ago. You can reroute your period if you are on birth control by skipping the sugar/ period pill week and beginning a new pack. I did this by advice of my gyno during my honeymoon. You can help your period flow faster and relieve cramps by being active. Exercise a lot. Also lemon juice can help.
    Also your body is yours to do what you like. As long as you feel safe and happy with your sexual partner or partners, it’s ok. No one has the right to judge you based on their ways of handling their own body.
    Remember, we are beautiful beings and divine goddess. Love yourself and others will love you the same.

    • jakayla

      u go girl

  • anonymous

    cramps are terrible right now someone help plz!!! tried ibuprofen and ate lemon last night… nothings working 🙁

  • unknown

    use a heating pad it always works or take a warm bath

  • Anonymous

    Advice is not judging someone. None of you better go to the doctor because you are responsible for your own body and he might judge you.The goddesses can treat their on diseases they contract.

  • Anonymous

    Heating pad really worked for me. I havent tried in a year cuz i dont have as bad as cramps as i did before.

  • ethel

    wooow u guys ..having ur period is an uncomfortable situation I no buh all u wanting to stop it for ur bfss I dnt tnk is a good is not love and moreover dat one day isn’t gonna be d last tym u av sex with him …plz love urself guy is worth it.nd its not healthy too.

    • Kay? kay.

      actually this is going to be the one time we are seniors. my period is due to start tomorrow. I have been taking an ibprofen a day for a week. I can feel that it is going to start soon but i need it to wait until after 10:00 pm tomorrow. I really need something that will work just for 30 or so hours. and when it comes to boyfriends when you really love them you will do what itstakes to keep plans.

      • Kay? kay.

        this is the one time we will be able to do stuff alone before we are seniors

      • Anonymous

        I did the same as a senior my friend gave me her BC pills, I think the blue one, it worked

  • nina

    Am so frustrated….am wit my bf tryin to make luv bt bhold my period just started…….wot to do pls help………

    • jakayla

      i would go the the hospial so the doc can check i out

  • anonymous

    do any of theese work? if so please tell me which one helps you the most.

  • Kas

    So I’m on the birth control Nexplanon the one that goes in your arm… I’ve had it for about four months now and my period has not stopped I’ve tried everything any advice? And taking it out would mean I wasted my money I paid almost $500 to get it

    • Anonymous

      Im a 11 years old girl well Im having stress with my exam and im afraid to sleep because if i sleep and the blood will flow backwards through my under wear and there will be blood stain I wanna get my period off fast so that I can sleep smoothly this is my 6th times havig periofs pls make a instruction for just useing one step to stop the period;(

      • Patrica

        1. Your period is totally natural, 99.99% of women get their period. It might suck until you’re a little older, because then you just get used to it.
        2. Keep a lot of sanitary products on hand.
        3. If you want to wear tampons to bed, change then every 4-8 hours always wear an pad with it just for extra protection.
        4. Put a towel down before you go to bed, make sure that it an old towel, though
        5. Drink a lot of water to lighten your period.
        I’ve had my period since I was 11, and now I’m 15, I actually love my period , and my period is super light, the amount of blood a girl usually looses a day , that’s how much blood I loose my entire period.

      • Abbie

        Also girl who is afraid to sleep, you ahold look into using tampons you’ll never feel more secure!
        And you will get caught out with stained pants many a times just gotta keep washing and buying m’afraid

      • s

        I used to have that problem when I was your age. I used to put extra pads in the back of my under ware so that wouldn’t happen. Now I just wear a tampon. idk if you wear them during the day or not but they are alot easier and much less messy.

      • Ahlam

        Hello.reminds me of my cousin wearing5 panties together to stop that.the best solution is to buy night pads.they are usually wider and longer.they help quite well to sleep and not stain

      • Anonymous

        What i do is wear like 4 pads or buy pads to sleep there really big there’s no way you will have blood stain

      • annnony

        Is ur name Jessica??

    • jakayla

      well what i’ve would try to lgnore it and let it go away by it’s self

    • Abbie

      What you need to do is see your doctor and tell them because they can give you a pill alongside the implant to initially stop your period, this may help it stop all together for anywhere between 1 month to 1 year but when it does come back a few contraceptive pills stop it almost straight away 🙂

      When I first got it I had a period for 4 months too!

  • blondie

    i have now been on my period for 3 weeks getting really sick of it now please help me any tips or tricks would be appreciated

    • Sarah H

      Your period only usually lasts for a week (7 days) if your period lasts longer than that you should contact your doctor because you could have an infection or you could even be pregnant

    • Anonymous

      Go to the Doctor

    • Annie

      I suggest u see a Doctor having a period longer then 7 days can also be a sign of sickle cell anemia

    • smilerdimps

      see your doctor and ask if he can prescribe tranexamic acid thats what my doc gave me they are fantastic i have very heavy clotty flows too 🙁

  • Kitty

    This worked for me last time, so fingers crossed it does this time too. I have irregular periods with heavy bleeding, and I let it go the last two days, but enough is enough. Anyway, drinking a mixture of pineapple and lemon juice seemed to work great. Also, raspberry tea, along with the ibuprofen, which has already been discussed. It didn’t stop my period immediately, but if I remember correctly, it seriously lessened it that day and it stayed light and ended shortly thereafter. I kept up with the drinks until it was gone.

  • meme

    Hi my …. Stay on for 5 day but I b happy cause I leek like a water four on.very heavy and very painful, bath every 4hraleve every 6 hr and I’m almost fine on the thared day

  • Anonymous

    My period stated this morning. I’ve going on Vacation on Friday. Any ideas as to how I can stop it immediately

  • Anonymous

    My period only lasts 5 days

  • yesenya perez

    I started like literally started Monday and wan to end it by Saturday I’m going to a water park help me plz what can I do??

    • Fkdjcncicj

      Don’t worry your period will only last about 4-5 days

      • Hii

        Mine lasts 7

      • Anonymous

        not always it can last 2-7 days and some people may have their periods longer

  • Anonymous

    I hope my period stops its been driving me crazy and I’ve only been on for two days

    • Anonymous

      I get mine for 2 weeks


    This is kinda worthless. I tried all of them. Nothing worked. Even my friends tried it. And it still faild

  • Anonymous

    It’s working for me

  • liz

    i do know if you drink lots of water that will make it lighter it wont stop but if you drink lots of water and pee alot it will become lighter but trust me if you do drink lots of water it will seem like you live in the bathroom because when im on y period i will drink lots of water and it seems like i live in the bathroom

  • liz

    I was wondering if you guys can tell me how to stop your period for one day & im going up to my brothers house and i really dont want to worry about my period so was wondering if there is anyway you can tell me how to stop it for one day

  • Anjani

    My peroids finish in 2 days … Is their any prob ???

    • Anonymous

      What did you do

    • Kimmy

      Same with me

      • Kimmy

        My perios stops within 3 days and i have gotton my poeriod like 5 times and it works when i was in regina for a dance thing i had it within 3 days it went right away i suggest to not eat any chocolate or sweets but water and healthy things oh and somtimes jucie but do not drink like soda or something ps this does really work

  • neshy

    Its been two weeks since I started menstruating and it won’t stop I can’t even get intimate with my partner beacause of this stinking blood m soo fed up right now

    • Anonymous

      I have exactly the same issues with my period, almost every cycle – although I don’t have a partner to have sexy time with

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Im only 12 years old and only been on it for 2 days and today I have a football game and i don’t know what to do:/

    • Mañana


  • Racheel

    Im in so much pain and my anniversary is friday!

  • Sienna

    I have been on my period for like almost a month and I can seem to get off it what can I do to make it go away and I have safe sex too lol but what should I do

    • Anonymous

      Talk to your doctor and see if you can get birth control to help it become shorter and more regular. I hope this helps!

  • Misty

    Lady’s itz not safe for us womens to stop our periods.I know its somethingbwe all hate,but at the same time it helps our body by cleaning it out so just look at it both ways.

    • T


  • sandhya

    im getting periods more than 15 days, what can i do now?

  • Mañana

    Try chugging two bottles of water while sitting down . It helped me ! Hope this is helpful to you all!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      how long did it take to stop

    • Anonymous

      How long did it stop?

  • Anonymous

    I’m only 11 years old and I’ve been on it for two weeks what do I do

    • Amy-ROCKS

      11 too if u want to stop your period for a day I suggest u take a bath for an hour and then if u use a pad u won’t be able to do many things but If u use an tampon u will be able to swim I’m not allowed to use a tampon but if your parents allow u then u can swim so flips and more some other things are try to move a lot and drink water and don’t worry about it too much just have fun we are all going to get our period so yea

    • leaseg

      Hun you need to go to the doctors immediately.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, definitely go see a doctor, and tell your mother what’s going on.

  • Anonymous

    Hi guys I’m only 11 and I have swimming tomorrow what do I do it’s bin going on for 3 days what do I do

  • anon

    well im 12 years old and I have got my period I don’t really like having it. going to school with it is a bit scary. things go through my head like can people see my pad or are they going to see it what should I do plzzz really need help

    • Hii

      I used to think the same thing but no one can see it. As long as you don’t go around shouting that you’re on you’re period and you aren’t mad all the time then no one will know. All they can really see is your panty line cause you’re probably gonna wear granny panties so if you bleed through it doesn’t ruin any good undies.

  • lezbehonest

    Really I have been on for 7 months non stop

  • marsha lee

    I tried the ibprofen it works for like half a day but am on back bleeding and it havent even even a full day dis is bs becuz my hubane works night shift he bout to get off and am bleeding guess am gone try the lemons

  • Anonymous

    My period has been going for 15 days what should I do to stop it

    • maui

      See a doctor because my mom had her period for a month and she had to get the inside of her uterus burned out.

    • Anonymous

      Go to doctor immediately. You could have an eptopic pregnancy

  • Jodie

    Does this work? I have a weekend planned with my bf and I need my period gone by the am. I’ve been drinking 20 oz bottles of water with lemon juice and sucking on a lemon. How long does it take to work? Please answer asap. Thank you.

    • Isabell

      Well actually all I did was suck on lemon slices for about and hour and after maybe 2 hours it stopped for a few hours but came on later that night

      • aminata

        can lime be used instead of lemons?.. am out of lemons but i have limes and a very hot date tonight.. thanks

        • MyGothGamerGirl

          You can use limes but it will only work for about 6 hours.

  • Ashley

    I am 11 years old and I have a yeast infection and I am on my period

  • Isabell

    I know this may sound stupid. But I read this once and it worked. it’s kinda like hypnosis. But this will ONLY work if you do it at least a week before your period begins. Say your period is supposed to begin on Friday but you planned something for Saturday just say “you will begin Sunday” and keep chanting that when Friday gets here nothing should be going on. I actually do this everytime to postpone it whenever I want and it works. It’s worth a try!

  • bkajjaetaemom

    Ladies, some of these methods work. I tried the geletin with club soda along witha lemon and ibprophen. It stopped my period for a day!

    • Lorinda

      What kind of gelatin? Did you do this the morning your period stopped or the day before?

    • Lorinda

      Did you do this the morning of the day you stopped or the day before? Also, what kind of gelatin?

  • Anonymous

    I started my period on Thursday and tonight I’m going on a really long coach/ ferry journey … What should I do to make it lighter?

  • Dana

    How can I stop my period?

  • Tala

    So I have a really irregular cycle. Sometimes I go a whole month before I get my period and then when it’s really on time it’s like 4 days long? I’m 17 and I’m not sexualy active and only pphysicaly active for a little less than half a year. Any tips on how to get my cycle under control?

  • Jaime

    I really need to end my period or at least stop it for a couple hours because tonight is prom and I just started this morning. Is there any way to stop it for a bit????

  • Anonymous

    The ibuprofen method does work on me but it only lightens it.


    My twenty first birthday is Saturday and I’m trying to postpone my shark week until after the party. Any advice? I just started the spotting but I took ibuprofen to stop it, but it’s not like I can take it everyday. My periods like to last for about two weeks and I know if I full on start now I’m not going to be able to stop the red power ranger from attacking. So any tips would be grateful. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    What d $&&&^%*(.. a 11 year old using tampon?? Weird.

  • ferssy

    expressing an unsual abdomenal pain any tym i flow without taking pills
    n sleepin tablets
    need help

  • Lenah Roy

    Hey i feel am tired of this agghh its now 5days my boyfrnd is arriving in two days frm the grand cayman its been 9mnths without meeting i feel worried.wat do i do stop the flow atleast fr 3days.

  • Jaylaan

    Hi I am 11 years old and the whole fifth grade are going to the pool for a special event next week. My period comes every other month and I am not sure if I will have it next week. My mom does not alow me to wear tampons. So if someone could please help me out.

    • brianna

      Take a bath!! Every time I’m on my period I take bath because
      It stops your period for a few hours like about 8 hours.. I take a shower every night and when I’m on my period I take a bath , because it stops it and when I take a bath I go to sleep with out a tampon or pad on because the water stops it.

    • kaley caldwell

      Eat a lot of fruit and vegies also put 2 tablespoons of apple cidar vinegar n water and drink all of it

    • Anonymous

      Get toliet paper and put it in like the flaps of ur
      You knownwhat

    • Anonymous

      it usually stops for a few hours when you go in the pool/water

  • Anonymous

    I am trying to go over daddys

  • Nqobile

    Is it possible to stop the day it started?

  • Anonymous

    Drink one or 2 contraceptiv pills

  • Jess

    How can anyone stand to suck on a lemon for that long? Am I missing something?

  • ashlyn

    Iam eleven years old and I have swimming lessons and I don’t want blood to be in the pool

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry they will usually allow you to miss swimming at school

  • Name

    Ive been on my period for 2 days now and tomorrow night I have swim practice but I don’t use tampons (Im kind of nervous to try them). What should I do?

    • Anonymous

      I’m in the same situation

  • anonymous

    my cycle has been on for 3 weeks non stop, what should I do?

    • DaeDae

      see a doctor

    • LidiaPandacorn

      Um… u might be dying u should go to the doctor to get checked

  • Anonymous

    Hi my periods normal light and lasting 3 days this month really heavy hitting day 7 no sign of stopping my partner been really patient as week before we couldn’t have sec due to me having a colcopy what can I do stop it had enough now would like just one night off

  • Help

    I have to practice for my production tomorrow at school and I have to act and sit on this boys back because we’re doing Oliver will he be able to feel my pad? Also I will probably feel sick so is there a way I can stop it? Does lemon juice actually work? And how could I act if I feel sick? 🙁 Oh and by the way i’m eleven years old and I don’t wanna take pills and those stuff. Please help me ;(

    • souna

      Try doing exercise and eat lemon and beans try not to eat junk foods,it will work and i am twelve and i have to go swimming tommorw and i am scared… you know what i mean…right?

  • Help

    I need help real fast! tomorrow’s Monday!

  • This is help

    Okay so get lemon and drink lots of juice out of it drink lots of juice water take a bath and it should stop for a few hours I recommend if u have an event the next day that u bath the next day but keep on drinking what I told u to drink. Hopefully it should work. Cos I know some of u people who r on don’t want to tell ur parents or u cant use pills because u started young

  • Personal

    I have a recital coming up and I hav my period it was supposed to be gone on Monday and it’s Tuesday help me pls

  • Smj

    So I have marching band practice Thursday…and I’m not too much into tellimg my mom this stuff I’m 14 and I have been on it less than a year. Idk if I will still be on it Thursday because I started last Wednesday and it usually lasts for a week. What do I do!? I don’t have any lemon or gelatin or really any juice….I’m stuck

  • Jenna

    I’m 12 and I’ve had my period for about 1yr now and tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment for down there. My mom doesn’t know I have it and I tried everything. My period is so heavy that this morning I woke up with blood all over my underwear and my pad was soaked. I have a UTI which is very painful and if my period could stop for a day or two that would make things much better.

  • aNNON

    um..please answer this quick
    (i am totally disgusted by asking or even serching theses solutions up)
    it JUUUST so happens that lucifers waterfall is happening in my pants today
    tomorrow…i am going to be swimmming in a lake with buddies
    fist off,are these really gonna stop it for a entire day? i need a entire day solution of absolutely nothing

    • Helpful

      Tampons aren’t that nasty. You can buy various sizes, but depending on how heavy your menstrual flow is, you can use smaller or larger ones.

    • anonn

      tampons aren’t that bad, they’re actually very confortable after a while and you dont even notice you have them on

  • Anonymous

    Do not drink gasoline!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi.. I am 29 years old and when I was 19 I had my cervix froze out from precancerous cells. Since then I have been moving around throughout the years for college and just life happening. I have not been able to go back in for a check up since the freezing. I have been told by a few different hospitals in different states that I have to not be bleeding in order to be checked up. When I scheduled an appointment and on a waiting list it usually lands on bleeding days. For me it never stops. I have been on my period since lil before Christmas and it is now mid June. Nothing works. I am afraid I may have full blown cirvical cancer. However if I can’t get my period to stop and for whatever reason no one could tell me how to help this issue. Idk how to address this situation. Is there any other advice out there? I’m so drained all the time.

    • Anonymous

      I think it can be uterine fibroids. Have you be check for that ?

    • Natasha

      I was once in ur shoes n my periods lasted 4 2 years so u cn only imagine. thr is an amazing doctor dt I knw who cn help u.drop me an email n wl talk further. or u cn go 2 a church. Jesus also heals

    • Anonymous

      I had the same problem… This is a deadly situation because you could lose too much blood but I started taking birth control pills after having a paper done and it stopped!!

    • Anonymous

      If your period has lasted that long you really need to make shore your not anemic for 1. To stop your period try changing your diet to balance your hormones. Try an all meat diet I hope for you the best.

  • Anonymous

    Swimming will actually help with you wanting your period to stop.

  • Colbi Malkoin

    Periods can be really annoying and frustrating at times, but a good tip that always pretty much works for me is drinking a lot of water, it can slow down your flow and your peirod will stop quickier(or be less blood)

  • Colbi Malkoin

    Agh help me!!!!!! I have school soccer tomorrow and I need my peirod to be done before!!! It’s so annoying and I can’t play soccer with a peirod, any tips? Just saying I can’t use tampons because I’m 12 years old :/

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t always work if you have a very heavy flow

  • Help please

    My dad is planning on taking couple friends and I to a water park Tuesday (in 2 days) and I stared today. So is there any way I can make it stop early? Please help!! When I tired using tampons, it hurt so is there any tips on that?

    • Anonymous

      The water pressure should make your flow less noticeable but it is still quite unsanitary

  • Cathy

    Ughhh! The day after tomm Im going to this hot spring with my family and I have my period, I need it to stop FAST!!! I have heard of the solution with lemons but I don’t want cramps bcs I’m very active and can’t deal with them.
    PLZ HELP!!

    • bla bla bla

      I feel your pain too cathy but its just what life is.

  • Mae

    I am a medical technology student and I’ve been wearing an all-white uniform eveyday, I am so scared because I might get blood on my skirt due to heavy menstruation. Help me please I don’t know what to do.

    • Anonymous

      Tampon, underwear, a pad as well if needed, and to make sure, put some spandex on under your skirt.

  • smilerdimps

    tampons are really cumfy if you get the right size i have been using them for 35 years now! unless you are really heavy using them for swimming or pool parties is a great idea all the ladies on here seem to be really young so i thought you may like to hear from someone a little (or a lot older) todays products are so good it should be easy to cope with a cpouple of hours using a tampon i am really reall heavy with my flow by the way changing super extra plus tampons every 40 mins or so today so dont worry ladies youll all be fine if i didn’t use tampons i would have to double up on towels just to stay on top of things i am on tranexamic acid from my gp to help slow it down

  • Anonymous

    Some people don’t prefer tampons, ever thought of that?

  • nevaeh

    Well on July 4 we where having a cookout and go in the pool.but I’m sad because I have my period and so I can’t go in the pool so I’m doing it the natural way.

    • Anonymous

      You can still swim.. Your period stops when in water

  • Khancyan

    Ummm can someone help I have this calendar and it shows u when ur period is suppose to come and it starts today but I dont see and blood I have signs of my period but lately i have been drinking tons of water and I have a beach party in 6 days and im scared to use tampons and help if so email me at sweetandsourcupcake (AT)

    • Parka

      I always have my period every month but last month (June) I’ve hadn’t had it for a month and started to get worried.
      Yesterday I got it yesterday. Turns out it was just a late one

  • Lani

    It is the 4th of July tomorrow and my family is throwing a pool party with some friends and their kids. I need help because my period just started today ( the 3rd) and 1. I don’t want to use a tampon .2. My period is late . It was supposed to start on the 30th. I am so stuck what should I do?? Please help

    • Anonymous

      Same situation as me but mine was supposed to end yesterday. Now I am stuck inside trying to avoid everyone so they don’t ask me why I am not swimming. Uggggg!

    • Annonomas

      Look Lani, there is really only two options to your dilemma.
      1. Wear a tampon
      2. Don’t swim

      I know tampons can be scary because I myself used to never wear them because honestly I was scared of them. But they don’t hurt. All you need to do is find the right size and have a go. I honestly love tampons because I can do things that I couldn’t do whilst I was on my period and I do it with comfort. I’m not going to lie it feels un-usual putting it in as it does taking it out but it doesn’t hurt. Honestly Hun it will be okay all you need to do is be brave and have a go.

      Otherwise you won’t be able to swim and you will feel left out. I know what your feeling cause my parents through a New Years pool party and my cycle had just began two day before. I didn’t use a tampon and honestly I wished I did cause it sucked. I felt left out and I wasn’t having fun. Don’t do what I did hunny wear a tampon

      Xxox annonomas

    • Anonymous

      I have the same exact problem except mine stopped today and started again

  • bla bla bla

    I’m soo sick of my period and I’m in cheer and I have a competition
    tomorrow and I don’t want a accident . I NEED HELP!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Look search up how to stop your period and it should come up

    • margaret

      How do i stop my period for for two days

  • Rachel

    The miracle of the menstrual cup ladies! Several brands like Moon CCup, Diva Cup, Softcups, LLuna cup, etc. XD

    • Cathy in Canada

      Do they really work. Do they leak at all? Can you have sex with them inserted?

  • nisha iqbal

    Can someone help I have eid tomorrow and all thefamily’s are meeting up at my grandparents house and I’m wearing pink clothes not just pink light pink and I’m scared my period will leak through and I’m on a heavy period how do I stop it or make it less

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get in the water. Wear a dark coloured swim suit.

  • Any

    Drink a lot of water like 6 bc it’ll stop it really fast,and if u go in the water it’ll stop just when u dry of go to the bathroom and change

  • Anonymous

    Depending on your age, some type of birth control would be a thing to consider. I used to have periods like yours & I went on birth control & it helped TREMENDOUSLY. I was regulated & my flow wasn’t as heavy. Hope this helped. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am 14 Varminee and I can’t take those pills either. And I have a heavy flow, it’s horrible and cramps are the worst but t the lemon trick works. It’s sour but it works

  • Anonymous

    Hot water bottles on bladder, soak in hot water, ibuprofen,

  • glossy

    ive been having my period for 3 days already and tonight i have an important even i need it to stop can anyone help?

  • Anonymous

    I am 14 and my friend is having a pool party for her bday and I told her I would definitely be there then my period started and I live with my dad so I can’t be like I need tampons. What will 100% stop my period for a day or shorten it completely.

    • Anonymous

      I used ibuprofen and it slowed it down for about 6 hours

    • Anonymous

      Drink alot of water from morning to night time before the big day and more water on the day it helps alot

  • Mary Ashley

    I really need my period to stop it bleeds nonstop

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to coney island with my dad hon friday,but I don’t want to tell him that I’m seeing my period it started on Tuesday it would be weird to tell him so what should I do to enjoy myself on that day or what should I wear because I want to go in the water and every in my family would be in the water and I don’t want to be the only one out of the water,how can I make my period stop before by friday????

  • Helpful

    Umm please help me with this I am supposed to be going to a pool party tomorrow and tampons arent comfortable to me is there any other way to stop it please help I need immediate anwers

  • amazing

    Ibuprofen can stop your period,try it!

  • Anonymous

    Bananas helps ease the cramps. And don’t drink soda, caffine drinks or anything high in salt because it will make cramps worse.

  • annonymus

    I am on holiday in Nice and my period has just started. We go to the beach every day and expected to swim. What do I do??!!

  • Kate

    First, I am a 29 yr old mom of 3. I started my period for the first time at age 17, and it was horrific!! 2 weeks of changing my tampon every 40 minutes! And then I didn’t have a period again for another year. After that, I had one period every 9 or 10 months for 2-3 weeks and it was so heavy, it was like my body was making up for the months I didn’t have a period. No joke, super tampons and changed them every 30-60 minutes.
    After I got on birth control, it regulated a bit, even when I stopped the birth control I finally had a more normal period. Far from normal though. I have a “fresh” period of normal red flow for a week, andthen old spotting blood for another 5-7 days after that. It’s so annoying but my Dr has no concern with it. I have a copper (non hormonal) iud now. I won’t take hormonal birth control because I spot for several months on it. Last time I spotted for an entire year. If I want to have sex while on my period, I use a natural sea sponge. I tried the makeup sponge and they are too slippery to fish out afterwards. The sea sponges are great, just make sure you put it up against your cervix since that’s where the blood comes from.