PregnancyHow Much Does It Cost to Deliver a Baby?

How Much Does It Cost to Deliver a Baby?


When having a baby, all that matters for you is finally being able to hold the cute little thing in your arms and ensuring it is healthy. The joy is immense, but you probably haven’t thought about the how much it may cost you. On average, a hospital delivery in the United States costs about $3,500 per stay.

When planning childbirth, it is necessary to consider the not only the ways to keep healthy, like avoiding dangerous foods, but also the costs and expenses it requires. These costs include the cost of stay at the hospital, prenatal healthcare, delivery-related and post-partum healthcare as well. There are several factors to consider, and your costs can differ greatly due to such factors. Read on to find out how much it might cost you to deliver a baby:

Birthing Options

This is the main question to be asked beforehand: what are my birthing options?

The options for you are vaginal delivery or a C-section. Vaginal delivery is the most common method that mother’s tend to opt for. Surveys have shown that about 70-80% of mothers tend to go for vaginal delivery over a Cesarean section delivery.

The average difference in costs between a vaginal delivery without any complications and a Cesarean section delivery can be about $2,000 to $2,500. This is an average figure – naturally, the costs depend on the hospital as well.

A vaginal delivery that has complications can raise the price of childbirth to almost double the average price of stay for any kind of delivery. The reason is because complications in this kind of delivery require operating room procedures.

Similarly, the Cesarean section requires anesthesia to be administered, longer stays and more resources used by the hospital for childbirth. Therefore, a C-section delivery costs more than a vaginal delivery without complications.

Prenatal Care

A healthy baby is all that matter for you, and although that has nothing to do when it comes to hospital delivery costs, complications can really increase those costs. It is important that you engage in comprehensive prenatal care to ensure that you avoid complications during delivery that drive up those prices.

Some complications that can arise include a premature breaking of the water, dangerous positioning of the umbilical cord, irregular blood pressure, breathing difficulties, post-partum hemorrhage and more. Many of these you can do practically nothing about. But what you can do is to get good prenatal care so that these complications are identified and treated quickly and easily.

You need to communicate and talk with your ob-gyn during your scheduled prenatal checkups and on the day your child is to be born. You have to make sure that the healthcare providers that are helping you with prenatal care know you and your baby’s medical chart thoroughly, including any medical conditions, allergies and any type of medications administered to you. Knowing this can help them help you avoid those risk factors and complications that can only drive your costs higher and higher.


Now comes the important aspect of insurance coverage. Health insurance is key to being able to avail and afford maternity care. You have to ensure that your insurance covers the delivery costs as well as the costs of the baby’s nursery care. You can get more options included in your insurance plan like labor support, but it is essential that you are well-informed about the co-pay, deductible, premiums and the percentage that is covered after your deductible is met.

If you are diligent to take care of all the things mentioned above, you will have a safe childbirth while also saving on your childbirth costs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Deliver a Baby?

When having a baby, all that matters for you...
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