PregnancyTop Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Top Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy


As an expecting mother, there are many healthy tips to follow for your pregnancy; however, you know what you’re eating now affects not only yourself but your precious baby too. It’s important to know the foods to avoid during pregnancy because they can hurt you and your growing baby. These foods contain harmful chemicals that can negatively affect your baby’s health. Here are a few of these dangerous foods for pregnant women to avoid.

Raw Fish, the Top of the Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

I know, I know. I love sushi, too! But stay away from raw fish during your pregnancy or seared fish. Contrary to popular belief, seared fish is typically only cooked on the outside and much of the portion is still quite raw. Many, but not all fish, although high in levels of valuable Omega 3 proteins, which are helpful for brain and eye development, may also have high levels of mercury. Also, raw fish could have parasites, which is more prevalent in fish caught in the wild, compared to fish raised in a fishery.

Types of Fish and Sushi Should be Avoided During Pregnancy

The ones to avoid during pregnancy are: Swordfish, Shark, King mackerel, and Tilefish. My favorites? Salmon and Trout (my favorites) those are typically, OK.

Popcorn (microwaved)

It’s not the popcorn itself, but the bag it comes in. The inside of the popcorn bag is lined with fluorotelomers, which prevent popcorn and its oils from sticking to the bag. When the bag is microwaved, the high heat converts the fluorotelomers into PFOA.

Studies show that PFOA can cause developmental problems  (EPA) in fetuses.

avoid rice during pregnancy

Is Rice Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

While there are pros and cons of eating rice, let’s talk about some of the reasons that you might consider whether or not rice is safe to eat during pregnancy. First, commercial agriculture unavoidably releases toxic arsenic into the ground. Water-grown rice seeps in this arsenic from the soil. Some rice contains lower levels than others. Brown rice has the highest levels, while California-grown white basmati rice contains one of the lowest levels.

Brown rice, compared to white rice has a lower glycemic index than white rice. What that means is that by consuming white rice, your blood sugar can rise faster leading to a condition known as gestational diabetes.

Processed meat

Lunch meats, like hotdogs, ham, and bacon, contain nitrates that can convert to nitrites in your digestive system. Nitrites either convert to carcinogens or to hemaglobin-binding compounds that hamper your red blood cells’ oxygen-carrying ability.

Thus, eating these while pregnant can either deprive your baby of oxygen or increase his risk of developing cancer.

Commercial canned soup

The insides of almost all cans of canned soup are lined with BPA. Although most commercial canned food contain BPA, BPA seeps more readily into soups.

Doctors advise pregnant women to avoid consuming BPA because it has been linked with damaging child brain and reproductive development.

Uncooked food

Eating undercooked or uncooked food is dangerous for your baby due to the harmful microbes it may contain.

Listeria is a bacteria common in foods. If not killed by cooking, it can cause listeriosis, which can cause stillbirth and miscarriage. Listeriosis is a common foodborne infection caused by the Listeria bacterium. Annually, this affects more than 1,500 Americans with a mortality rate exceeding 20%. Pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible.

Toxplasmosis can also be contracted from eating undercooked meals and can result in miscarriage and stillbirth as well.

Always double-check to make sure you’re eating safe during pregnancy, nutritious foods for your baby. Some common foods, like rice, don’t have warning labels stating they contain dangerous chemicals that can harm your baby. Avoid these aforementioned foods to protect your baby from these dangerous chemicals.

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