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Does your period stop in water?


For many women, every time the menstruation cycle starts can become a phase of frustration and limitation. Aside from limiting your activities, it can be quite an uncomfortable period, especially if you start to get menstrual cramps. Of course, some women can easily go through their day without problems even though they have their period. On the other hand, some find it difficult since they find it uncomfortable, and others cannot do their favorite activities – this includes swimming or going to the beach and a common question asked is, “does your period stop in water?”

If you love to go swimming, either on the beach or in a swimming pool, you may have noticed that once you submerged yourself in the water while on your period, it appears to stop. Of course, you end up wondering if this is normal or not. You are not alone – many women have faced this scenario and asked the same questions you are asking. How can I delay my period?

Why does your period stop in water?

Women who go swimming while on their period find that they don’t seem to bleed in the water. The explanation for this is simple. Your period does not stop since the coating of the uterus continues to shed. However, due to the counter-pressure of the water, the gush is impeded and does not enter the water. Additionally, if you are floating or swimming in a horizontal manner, the gravity cannot pull the flow down and out (the science of swimming). Gravity isn’t strong enough to pull it out when you’re standing in the water, so it makes sense that if you further counteract gravity’s effects, it won’t be able to draw your flow out. The moment you stop swimming and stand upright for a couple of minutes, your period will continue exiting normally. You should note that this counter-pressure does not always stop menstrual flow – depending on the woman and depending on the period, it can continue leaking out, and it disperses throughout the water so that you can’t see it.

Does your period stop in water if you swim for a long time?

Even though your period stops while you are submerged in the water, getting to the pool might be an issue since you will definitely end up with a red spot in your bathing suit, especially if you are wearing a light-colored one. While you are swimming, you have to be aware that any sudden movement of your lower abdomen can cause some changes in pressure and eventually allow blood to flow out. Even something as simple as sneezing can potentially trigger a change in pressure! As stated earlier, once you get out of the pool, there will be change of pressure that has a reverse effect the moment you get out; as a result there will be a lot of flow upon exiting the water. This can become a big issue if you don’t have immediate access to a changing room and your normal clothes.

does your period stop in water

Does the kind of water make a difference, or does all water stop your period?

The reason your period stops flowing when you’re submerged into water is because of simple physics. Salt water, fresh water, pool water, hot water, cold water; any kind of water you are submerged in will all have the same physical properties, and so any kind of water you can swim in will limit your flow. As long as you are submerged, even bathwater will temporarily reduce your flow.

By now, you should understand why does your period stop in water every time you go swimming, whether in a swimming pool, at the beach, or even in your bathtub. If you aren’t going to wear a tampon in the water, the biggest issue with swimming while on your period is in getting in and out of the water, since once you get out, your period will begin to flow normally again. Every woman and every period is different, though, so the speed at which the flow will return to normal will differ depending on the circumstances. It can be better to just use tampons or not swim while on your period, just to be on the safe side.

Water may be one way that your period will seem to stop for a brief time; however if you are looking for a better way to manage or stop your period for one day, there are other lesser known techniques like taking ibuprofen to stop your period or eating lemon.

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