Does PMS Cause Nausea? Surprising Facts

PMS has over 150 documented symptoms, and it is definitely an unpleasant experience for women. PMS symptoms generally show up 2 weeks before the latest menstrual cycle set in, and women are relieved of these symptoms once the menstruation blood flow starts. Since PMS has so many symptoms, it certainly begs the question:

Does PMS cause nausea?

Nausea is not one of the most commonly known symptoms of PMS, but yes, PMS does cause nausea in women. Like most other symptoms of PMS, nausea can also be very unpleasant and unsettling. Nausea during PMS can be bad, making everything difficult from getting adequate food in our body to making proper social interactions and to making you lose energy quickly and tiring you out. Combined with the other PMS symptoms you experience, and you are in for a tough time.

PMS nausea can be confusing – it can easily be mistaken for being an early sign of pregnancy, which can be a period of excitement for women who are trying for a baby or a period of fear or anxiety for women who currently don’t want children, without the end result. Nausea, like other symptoms, also disappears promptly when menstrual bleeding starts.

Some of the major reasons which can lead to nausea during PMS are:

  1. Menstrual cramps. Pain experienced during periods can be factor for nausea. Prostaglandins are chemicals which cause those menstrual cramps in the uterus. These chemicals can also cause cramps in the digestive tract, which can lead to nausea during PMS.
  2. Menstrual migraines. Menstrual migraines are painful, throbbing headaches which can cause nausea in women that experience them.
  3. Hormonal imbalances. Imbalances in hormone levels are common things that occur before and during the menstrual cycle. These imbalances can disrupt the smooth functioning of the digestive tract, or even affect the part of the brain that is responsible for vomiting and nausea, thus causing nausea during PMS.

Here are some ways you can effectively manage PMS nausea at home:

  1. Ginger: A perennial nausea remedy, ginger has been in use as an effective cure for nausea for centuries. It is a natural method, so there are no side effects, and it can be taken any time nausea strikes. Ginger extract containing capsules are more effective than the dried form as a lot of ginger is concentrated in those tiny, powerful capsules. Making ginger tea can also be helpful to cure nausea.
  2. Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is known to reduce several symptoms related to PMS. It does not have side effects, it has to be taken every day and on a full stomach. A proper dosage of vitamin B6 will help in reducing PMS nausea effectively.

Eating right is also a good way to avoid nausea. Of course, hormonal changes play a huge part in causing nausea during PMS, but putting hard-to-digest foods in your body can only aggravate the chances of nausea. Make sure that you eat what’s right for your body and consciously avoid foods that don’t do much for your health. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll definitely be on the way to some nausea-free times.