Blood Clots After Abortion

Abortion procedure if followed by bleeding which lasts for 1-2 weeks. This bleeding is often accompanied by cramps and passing clots. Passing blood clots is absolutely normal and they are passed on and off for a few weeks. These clots can be black, brown or red in color. If you had medicinal abortion (abortion through a medicine), your chances of passing clots are more than somebody who had surgical abortion.

As you pass clots, you might experience cramping. Try taking as much rest as possible so that this bleeding period is bearable for you. If passing clots is giving you severe cramps, try deep massaging abdomen downward towards the pubic bone. You can also use heating pads or hot water bottle.

In a few of abortion cases (2-5%), discharge from uterus like blood or clots or tissues may cover the opening of the cervix. This causes the blood to pile up inside the uterus. Hence the bleeding becomes little to none at all. This condition can occur within hours or up to 5 days of abortion. If you experience similar situation, try taking a hot shower with gentle abdominal massage. This will help in opening the mouth of cervix again. If this doesn’t help and the situation only worsens, re-evacuating the uterus (vacuum aspiration) with the help of a doctor is suggested. This condition may take place in both surgical and medicinal abortion.

Passing clots is just a part of your uterus getting cleaned and healthy. There is nothing to worry about small clots getting passed in bleeding every now and then. The only two things that should be a reason for concern are:

  • passing clots larger than a golf ball
  • passing clots continuously for two hours

If you experience either of the above, it is best that you call your doctor right away and take suggested actions.