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Bloating After Abortion


After abortion, you may feel way puffier than you felt during your pregnancy. Bloating or abdominal swelling are very common features of an abortion. Such swelling is normal and may last for 3 to 8 days. Around a week after the procedure, bloating starts resolving and your abdomen will start going in. Bloating is often accompanied by breast swollenness.

The main cause of bloating after abortion is bleeding and pregnancy hormones. Bloating can also be due to

  • inactivity following abortion procedure
  • pain medications prescribed
  • not drinking enough fluids

Though bloating is nothing to worry about, it does cause discomfort and even pain. Some ways to deal with it are

  • chewing chewable gas tablets to relieve extra gas
  • sipping peppermint tea for relaxing stomach muscles
  • staying hydrated

In case bloating is accompanied by tenderness, chills, severe cramping or excessive bleeding, inform your doctor immediately since these symptoms can indicate serious problems.

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