PeriodsAbout Period Panties. A Thinking Girl's Thinx Review

About Period Panties. A Thinking Girl’s Thinx Review


I started counting the number of times that I’m going to have a period over my lifetime and I realized that the number is somewhere around 400 to 500 times. Seriously? The number of times that I’ve forgotten or had the inconvenience of “not” having convenient access to tampons is more than I want to consider. Let’s say that it’s 2 out of every 10 times. That’s about 100 too many uncomfortable lifetime experiences for me. So when my friend, Lindsey, said that I should try period panties, I almost wigged.

I thought, “So, you want to increase my uncomfortable experiences from about 100 per lifetime to 300 per lifetime?”, “No thanks!” Should I try Thinx period panties? Lindsey likes them, I’m not exactly convinced, so I set my friends out to do some homework to figure this all out.

The bleeding could remain for an average five days, which means that we would need to undergo this uncomfortable period for anything between 2,250 to 2,500 days in our life.

Though we are forced to face this uncomfortable issue without any complaints, it is Nature’s gift to us, women, where we hold the key to the propagation of the human race and bear children whom we carry in our womb for nine long months.

There are many ways and means how we have been facilitating this process in us, since the human race came to tread on this planet and in modern times we have been using, sanitary pads, tampons and other menstrual facilitating aids.

The best that have arrived so far and available to us are the ingenious Thinx panties, which are re-useable and cost effective, safe, easy to use and comfortable, making our five days of the menstrual cycle, not the days that we perennially detested when we had to experience them.

Should you try period panties?

Thinx panties come in three different styles and are good for any type of busy day that we would have whether it is for work, recreation or just retiring to bed after an exhausting day.

The “Hiphugger” covers quite a lot around the waist and buttocks and is ideal when the bleeding is heavy especially in the first two days of the beginning of our periods.

The “Sport” a design as ideal as it could be, is a smart one and is similar to a bikini, and styled for days that the bleeding eases off and provides easy movement without the worry of it showing off, unlike when wearing a pad, in a tight dress.

The third is the “Cheeky” and it is skimpy and looks good on us and is just what we would need towards the final day or two of our days in the menstrual cycle.

When I got the three and looked at for the first time, I was rather worried whether it would hold all that bleeding that I go through on the first two days of my periods and was ready for the inevitable leak and wore a black loose dress, with the “Hiphugger” under it to work –  on the first day and also carried some pads as a precaution in my handbag.

One of my friends, said, “Parsley, if you’re going to wear period panties, you should just learn how to make your own thinx panties.” Now, that girl is crazy. The last thing I want to do is spend my time making any kind of panties or be seen or known to have worn panties that I made myself. I’m not getting a homemaking badge and I’m not trying to win a crafter’s context. I’m just trying to manage my stuff. Ok?

I was surprised on my return home that the “Hiphugger” Thinx panties had no leaks and had held onto all that bleeding that I know happens but surprisingly there was not much evidence as to where all that blood that I know flows had gone.

As instructed I held it under the tap and washed it well and still there was not much blood to be noticed and it was left out to dry and the next day I decided to try the “Sport” Thinx panties. without any idea as to how it would hold, because since my periods began when I was around 10 years old, it is on the second day that it flows a lot.

I could feel the flow and it was just like the normal second day that I had experienced over the years and did twice discreetly go into the toilet and had a good look but there was bleeding but nothing much to see as it had just vanished and I did not know where.

Coming home I removed and looked at it but again there was not much blood to be noticed like the day before when I wore the “Hiphugger” Thinx panties, which was still to dry out on the line.

The bleeding was easing off and I decided to go with the “Cheeky” Thinx panties on the third day, which again to my utter surprise was just as if I was wearing nothing underneath my dress and absorbed all that I bled without much of a hassle and looked good when I returned home that day too.

The three Thinx panties are a treat no doubt when worn, with no worries of any leakage happening, which has been a perennial problem that I encountered whilst at work, due to my constant moving around in my seat and work station, handling all those chores which everyone would come and dump on me as if I was the only one working in office.

What are the pro’s of period panties?

  • Four super thin micro layers to absorb blood
  • Washable and re-useable
  • Holds well around where needed
  • No evidence and hence fear of any leakages
  • Wearing them gives immense freedom to move about
  • No constant changing
  • No worries of it showing 

What’s the downside of wearing period panties?

  • Could be expensive in comparison to other panties
  • Drying time could vary hence would need more of them to manage the duration of the periods
  • Could have health issues in some women but no evidence yet

Let me bottom line this for you

The advantages that the Thinx panties provide outweigh any disadvantages that it may have and has been well accepted by everyone who has tried them on and found it an ideal foil to the constant changing of pads or tampons.

On the long term the price would not be factor because it is re-useable and would last for sometime depending on use and following the washing instructions closely.

Parsley Jane
Parsley Jane
Yes, that's my name! My parents are hippies and they thought that calling me "Parsley Jane" would be clever. I can't deny that it's had an impact on my life. I'm a feisty Millennial, but I'm also smart as a whip. I'm currently working on a Graduate Degree in Environmental Science.

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