How to Stop Your Period


An overview on how to stop your period

There are many women out there that would love to know how stop their periods due to inconvenience, heavy bleeding, or the overwhelming symptoms that can cause cramps and pain . There are some woman that are done having children that would like to stop their periods for good while others would just like to stop their menstrual cycle for a short time until they are ready to have a child. There are even some women that would just like to postpone their periods so that they can take a vacation or finish a particularly stressful time at work. There are also many theories on how to stop your period, but only a few of these suggestions actually work, which is why it is important to

Seek medical advice on how to stop your period.

There are a few ways to postpone your periods and a few others that will simply just reduce the amount of bleeding there is and the symptoms that come along with your period. If you want to stop your period for one day read our article 7 tips on how to stop your period for one day

Having a complete hysterectomy is the only way to stop your periods all together. This type of surgery will only be performed if there is a medical reason. Most doctors do not like to perform this type of surgery on people until they are older because it will put women into complete menopause, which should only happen later in life. Also a complete hysterectomy would mean that the woman would no longer be able to have children. If the woman is young and still thinking about children this solution to how to stop your period should not be considered.

How to Stop Your Period for a Short Time

To stop your period for a short time you can consider taking the pill. Most doctors will give women the contraceptive pill for three weeks and then the fourth week they will have their periods, but there are some types of contraceptive pills that can be taken for the entire four weeks of the month, thus temporarily stopping your period all together. However, before you get on the pill, make sure that you understand potential side effects of oral contraceptives. In some cases, you can take a Ibuprofen to temporarily stop your period. Many women take Ibuprofen to relieve pain from cramps.

How to Stop Period Pain and Cramps

There are different ways and methods to stop your period pain forever. If you are looking for a natural long term treatment you should read Menstrual Cramps Cure. You can stop your period cramps forever in about 60 days in a very healthy and natural way. I’ve tested it and wrote a review for you. Read it now!

Natural ways how to stop your period

When looking up how to stop your period some may find it interesting to read that breastfeeding can also stop your periods. After you have a child your period does not return for a few months if you are bottle feeding your baby. After these few months your period normally goes back to normal. This is not true for nursing mothers. Many nursing mother will report not have a normal period for many months after their delivery, which is one way to stop your period for the duration of your breastfeeding.

Questions about ways to stop or delay your period?

Please use our discussion thread to comment or leave suggestions for other readers. There are many methods to temporarily delay or stop your period including eating lemons or lemon juice or swimming or being submerged in water. Do they work? Share your stories, questions and experiences with the thousands of other women who read our site and follow along in the discussion.

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  • if your 12 and need to stop your period drink lots of alcohol every 2 hours it wont get u drunk if u drink it fast or looking up at the roof wile your drinking it. P. s. my 12 year old girl did it and it worked.

  • shadia

    Hey I was wondering how can I stop my period for every I can’t stand it it gets on my nerves I can’t take it no more at lease stp for a couple months cause wen summer time wen my period cum on I can’t wear wat I wont cause my period be on I be mad I can’t deal with periods no more please help me out how to stp it for a while I be wonting to wear pretty clothes but can’t wear them cause of my period I hate that it bleed to much and get in my clothes I be piss off

    • Grace

      HI .i am 12! I had my period last summer, I had my period yesterday (Sunday) and school is tomarrow! I usually never have it on 1rst of months but it has been acting weird! I don’t want to have my period at school heavy! Usually on weekends I have my heavy flow but then when it’s Monday it starts to get lighter. But this time it is going to get heavier while at school!!! Any tips of what to use at school! I Am going to try drinking water! Plz tell me if this works !

  • Alina Renteria

    I started my period on fri the 8th and I just want to stop it for a day because,I was invited to my mothers friends birthday and I went to my baby brothers birthday yesterday and I wanted stop it today how do you stop it please help me i’m 13

    • jada

      your period wont stop right then and there but ,eat bannaas for cramps and drink lots of water to flow thin

      • Niki

        Its called menoria when your period is nonstop you need gyno oncologist to check your uterus to make sure it’s not infections or cancer me they put on hormones because one of the reasons your lacking either estrogen or progesterone make sure if doctor doesn’t do anything keep going til you get answers good luck and god bless

    • Alyssa

      Drink a ton of water

    • manny

      Hi im 28 years old and im on my period but i wanna have sex today so what can i do to stop it for today ?

      • anonymous

        you nasty

    • Ebonie collins

      Help me im only 15 and this saturday im going to a waterpark with my sister for her birthday and i just got my period today is there any way i can stop it until sunday so i can enjoy the hot guys the water and being with family. Please help me i’m only 15

  • jada

    well this websiter is not helping

  • Rhiannon

    Errmm…I’m 13 And Iv’e Been On Since The 14th And I’m Going Out On Wednesday With My Mates And My Bf But I Don’t Want Too Have Less Fun Because I Have Cramps,Help Please
    (I’m 13)

    • Anonymous

      Eat bananas and drink lots of water also suck on a Lemmon

  • marie

    ive had my period 4 nearly 3 weeks how do i stop it

    • Liny

      Go and see a doctor! That doesn’t seem normal.

    • Tayle

      Me to it is ok. I have never had sexual intercorse and I did not have my period for almost 4 months. Then when I eventually started I was on it for over 3 weeks and it was very heavy. (I’m 15)

    • Anonymous

      Go to the doctor! You have an irregular menstrual cycle (same thing happened to me)… I didn’t take care of the problem and eventually I was admitted into the ER with severe anemia and underwent two blood transfusions!

      • Anonymous

        I had very bad bleeding nd did end up in the hospital and got blood transfusion. Horrible experience anyways, I was diagnosed with Pcos and unless I take birth control I will never have a normal period nor will I get it .. My problem is it’s been 2 years and I need a break from these pills!!!!!:(
        Any suggestions?

    • Tomlinson lover

      I think it will stop If u drink lots of water I’m only 12 though

    • Anonymous

      Thats not normal sometimes pepl just hav it different but that can be serious definitly go straight to your doctor

  • ellie

    I have been on for 4months and it won’t fucking stop and I don’t wanna tell no’one how can I stop and I aint going ta the doctos!!…

    (I’m 14)

    • Liny

      Girl, this is not normal.GO TO A DOCTOR or tell your mother or teacher or friends. You are risking your health. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

    • DoctorPhil

      Ellie. First of all, you seem to be white trash. Having a period is the least of your worries. Grow up and go to “Ta Doctors.” Learn how to spell and get an education. Otherwise you’ll be a drain on society while your pop fifty kids and collect welfare. Good luck and hopefully you’ll marry somebody with money; because you’re screwed.

  • Sipho

    On 09 January 2013 i started to use Nur -Isterate family plan injection and two week from went on menstruation, started like stop until went to the clinic n they sent me to the doctor who gave me Cyklokapron to use for four day. then i had a toothache and did root canal and be on antibiotics for five day then the spotting start again and this is full bleeding – two week. How to stop it help?

  • Liny

    Hello Ladies,

    we have a new Feature for you. From now on you can help each other in our community. Have Fun!


  • lily may

    There is no-way to stop but I’m sorry girl but 4 months is not normal see a doctor its not that bad and tell someone close. I’m on my but its coming to the end so its very light mymy 3rd day I’m normally on for 4 days (is that normal) hope this help you solve you promblems

  • lily may

    You shouldt worry girls. All girls go though there period so you are not different.

  • libra83

    im on the depo shot and my menstral is completely thrown off, its heavy and clots sometime i flow for two weeks n then get a two or three day break then its back its annoying

  • libra83

    i wish i could stop them completely is that possible lbvs

  • LouiseA

    Well I’m late but you can take Midol: Teen. And it stops cramps for the rest of your period sand you shouldn’t worry. Have Fun. Just keep yourself clean also, because I don’t think your friends would wanna smell your period while you guys are out. 🙂

  • April

    I’m 13 and I have a dance competition in 4 days
    I’m due my period, but there hasn’t been any signs yet, is there any way to prevent it for a few more days?

  • pooja

    i m period in month and my bleeding not stop . i m going in hospital but still bleeding so what i can do ?

    • Liny

      GO TO A DOCTOR. This is not normal. He will tell you what to do. We can’t help you with your medical problems here.

  • pooja

    plz give a some tip what is right and what is wrong

    • Liny

      If you have it for a month this is not a normal period. You really should see a doctor. The tips here won’t help in your case.

      You can ask our community if someone else had a similar problem


  • pooja

    ya thank x

  • Anonymous

    Cinnamon sticks boiled in water usually help me for a day or two. Its an old remedy.

  • Hello im 21 and i have deen on my period for 4 months.and i just want it to stop i have no kids.and im hopening i can soon. I want to go get it ched out bout i dont know when to go with out insherrents.can u please help me fast i will do to day.

    • Liny

      That’s not normal GO TO A DOCTOR ASAP

      • Anonymous

        my wedding on next week i fell my my periods will start now how could i stope plz tell me

      • Anonymous

        Omg help

  • evyy

    PLEASE help me ASAP!!!!! I am 13 years old and I have bearly started my period last month I haven’t got it this month so it’ll probraly be this or next week. I am taking TCAP and they do not let me use the bathroom. Can’t you belive that? I take two hour tests and I have a really heavy period. In about an hour or so I HAVE to change my pad. The first time I got it was a nightmare I got it through my pants in just 2-3 hours!!!! I do not want this to happen again is there any way to stop it for about 3 or 2 hours?? Please help me ASAP!!!

    • Anonymous

      Usually after you start, you’ll skip the next month or maybe even a few. I had my first at the end of the summer in July and didn’t get it again until October and after that it was regular. If you perhaps get a doctors note explaining your problem with heavy flow and needing a break then give that to the examiner you may be allowed but you may also have to take it seperately so as not to disturb other pupils and to ensure you get the full amount of time required without cheating. Best thing to do is pad up and perhaps use a tampon? Before you start, try out a few different types to see which best holds lots of water. Also carry a bottle of body spray with you on the day incase of period odour. If it’s non school uniform, wear Trackies, if not try a baggy skirt so you can’t see any outlines of thick padding.

  • I have start my period in 10 year and I have in 2 moths 4 dafa period

  • mimi

    for me its completely normal for me to saok thru a pad in an hour. so two to three hours is not bad at all. just breathe and change. its ok.

  • Jay

    i havent had sex or anything before and sometimes i skip my period, is that good, or bad

  • help I just started my period like 2 days ago and i am kind of going out with someone on a date and it is tommorow what do i do i am going to get so embarassed

    • anonymous

      your going out on a date and you just stated how old are you

  • Megan

    I haven’t came on for 4months now… But I’m not pregant have done 4test one every month, anyone know why….?

    • yaya

      Stress also prolong your period…’s normal

  • bri

    My period last to long and never comes on on the date

  • Maddie

    Hi. Im 14 and i have just had my first period. I havent told my mum but next weekend is easter and we are going swimming and kayaking. Help. I want it over. Any suggestions? Please help

    • Anonymous

      Hi, well your gonna have to tell her so you can either do the direct i got my period or just write a note, maybe call her upstairs and tell her…hope it goes well

  • Maddie

    Hi. Im 14 and i have just had my first period. I haven’t told my mum and next weekend is easter and we are going swimming and kayaking. Help. I want it over. Any suggestions? Please help

  • Brooke

    I got my period yesterday (Saturday) and I’m leaving to go on vacation on Monday. Is there anything I can take or anything I can do to stop it or postpone it for a week ?

  • Carly

    I got my period yesturday, im 13 and my cousins are coming into town for vacation. They want to go swiming. But I fear tht I wont be able to participate with my period going on. Help!

  • julienne

    im 12 and wondering if working out helps?

  • Kirsty

    I’m 21 how do you go about stopping your cycle all together I don’t want them no more

  • Kirsty

    I’m 21 how do you go about stopping your cycle all together

  • Krissy

    Hello I know what you are going through I go through the same thing. Dont worry just wear a tampon…if your not comfortable wearing a tampon then you could use these remedies :eat a banana in the morning and one in the evening or go to your doctor and he will recommend these tablets I’m 12 and he gives them to me so there good for people our age.
    Hope this helps

  • Krissy

    Yea its really normal. Your period just didnt adjust yet dont worry mine once didnt come for one whole year just relax there is nothing to worry about.

  • shane

    my question is…
    My period has started last March 27, and also i started taking BC pills on the first day of my period, i was wondering because my period gets lighter, i think its normal to get a lighter flow but is it really prolonging my period? my normal is 4-5 days only, during the 5th day its just a spot, but now (5th day) its lighter flow yet i’m pretty sure it won’t stop soon,,,, if i stop taking pills (after 4 tablets) what will happen… appreciate your reply.thanks..

  • Dr.diana

    then honey u hve to go see a doctor urgently its nt normale at all

  • eline

    I started my periods today for the first can i stop realy bad cramps please help.

  • Kay

    Hey I’m 15 an I’m going to my bfs tomorrow dos ibu actulealy work

  • Anonymous

    As annoying as tampons can be, you should try them. They are not affected by water, so you can easily go swimming without your pad becoming useless or leaking onto your swimsuit.

  • Im 10 and i had my period when i was 9 summer time it stinks and smells and even when im not on my period i still smell and stink and still leak help

    • anonymous

      shower 3 times a day

  • Tk

    I had my period for two months straight before so I went to my doctor. I sat down, told him, and he gave me a prescription for progesterone and said to get an ultra sound in a couple of months. I took the progesterone and the bleeding stopped in less than 3 days, the next month, I started birth control to regulate my period, now my body is working just fine, and I can manipulate my period to come when I want it to, instead of on a weekend where I have big things planned. Do not be afraid to go to your doctor, they are not shocked or shy about such things, and can get your clock working great!

    • Liny

      Thank you Tk,

      it is good to have people like you on my site. Girls if you have a medical issue go and see a doctor. We can’t help you here with that.

      • Smyers8513

        Hi I am 28 I keep starting and stopping and this wasn’t happening till after I had a bad seziure and my ENT put me on prilosec. I have read that if you are on prilosec for a long periods at a time it can cause irregular periods.I know I need to go to the dr but can anyone like the person incharge of this site answer these questions for me please? I’m also on high doses of seizure meds too so I rarely get periods be cuz of this.

  • Tk

    I had my period for two months straight before so I went to my doctor. I sat down, told him, and he gave me a prescription for progesterone and said to get an ultra sound in a couple of months. I took the progesterone and the bleeding stopped in less than 3 days, the next month, I started birth control to regulate my period, now my body is working just fine, and I can manipulate my period to come when I want it to, instead of on a weekend where I have big things planned.

  • ivy

    i am 13 and my birthday is coming up and my mom is taking me to go get something in my arm and i won’t have my period for 3 years it works with some people and it doesn’t but if you want it u have to be 14 and older to get it out in your arm. I can’t wait

  • Shauna

    i got my period today i want to stop it before thursday as im going to see my boyfriend.. im 15. can i get or do anything to stop it and stop the pains?

  • Anonymous

    dude get off here your not helping anyone just scaring them

  • Hailey

    Hey i am 12 and i have had my period since last October not ongoing but normal but i have had a period which lasted two weeks! I was supposed to go to a fair today but I’m scared i don’t have enough pads i only have one extra what should i do? Oh and the fair only comes once a year

  • Anonymous

    I understand how you feel. I am 43 and have been dealing with an excessively heavy period for years. How heavy? How about soaking through a playtex ultra tampon about every hour and a half the first day, and one every 2 and a half hours the the second and third days. I don’t go anywhere socially during those days and I am exhausted. It feels like I am really “cursed.” I saw a doctor once and she brushed me off. This is no way to live, I recommend you tell your parents and go to see a doctor. They put on the pills years ago, it did not help. I still bled heavily, but now it was accompanied with spotting and clotting. Great! Go see a good doctor until you get answers and a resolution for some type of normalcy during your cycle.

  • Anonymous

    I have my period right now and im going to the lake with my friends in exactly a month . Is there any ways that can stop my period or prevent it from coming normaly without the pills ?

    • Hey girls out there!! I’m 14, I got my period when I was 13 and believe me I was so scared more scared than anything else, I finally got it and fainted but now I’m used to it. I know harking you period can be really hard because you just feel sick but drink lots of water and use the toilet so gradually it lightens- don’t use birth control tablets because you don’t want to ruin the chance of kids and it’s not worth that!! Anyway enjoy

  • Lily Greengan

    Periods suck. I got mine when I was ten and it bleedin sucks. I’m 11now and every time I have my period I feel weak, dehydrated all the time and light headed. It really sucks and no one else in my small school has it so I feel like an outcast. I think I bleed more than usual because on my first days of it I bleed more than when people normally bleed when its just about over. I have NO IDEA how to use tampons so I’m pretty much screwed.

    • Anonymous

      If you buy a tampon box it gives you step by step instructions and sometimes they have illustrations. It’s pretty simple once you read it. Good luck

    • Emma Matthews

      i also got mine when i was 10 now im 12 it usally lasts about a week when you first have it everybody is different and some times it can be 5 or 4 or more days to get rid of cramps get a hot water bottle and leave on your tummy or take a paracitamal it should help or sleep it off it sounds really early for me because my body developed quicker than its supposed to

    • Anonymous

      You should go to the doctor if you feel light headed on your period you may be anemic, and in some cases you might faint. I found out I am anemic about 3 months ago after fainting and now I take iron supplements from the doctor. If your a vegaterain than your more likely to be anemic.

    • Kenzie

      suck on a lemon

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Im 11 and in the 6th grade and ive started my period i know may sound a little early but i can’t deal with the cramps i just wanna do something so it stops for some days or something cuz i like to run and it hurts even more i wanna play and jump on the bars and do flips at school but it makes it even worse HELP. I Need it to stop..PLZ Help

  • Mya

    The lemon remedy really works ! it lightens your period so much! and goes off sooner

    • Dje

      What is this lemon thing your
      talking about

    • Thelma

      What is the lemon thing your talking about?

  • LuLu

    Hi im 11 years old and in the 6th grade and ive started my period( i know a lil early)and i hate the cramps and all of the heavy bleeding i have major stomach pains and sometimes i just wish i never would have a period i wanna play at recess with my friends and and do our flips on the bars but i cant because of my period i hate it most of the time i go on for 7 days i started last january of 2012 so its just been buggin me ever since and imgetin ready 2 go to middle school i knw i wont have to worry about recess but plz HELP ME!!!

  • Tam

    I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. With this I sometimes have extremely long periods. The longest I every have been on is 6 months but I was off for the rest of the year. If you have been on for a long time and it doesnt seem like it will stop check with your doctor to see if you have PCOS

  • kim

    I’m 15 and I miss my period every now and again it can happen although I’m not sure if its normal because when I do miss one I have have been told by the doctor I make fluid instead and that is what causes the extreme pain but when I get the pain I can’t stand and I basically clapps I’ve had this since I was 11 as thats when I started but does anyone have any advice doctors just seem to blow me off if I’m honest xxx

    • kee

      Am 15 as well and my period start today and I feel very disgusting and mines is stoping this thursday because mines take 7 days and that is two far from now you think so

  • Abi

    Mya, i was reading your comment, and i was asking my self, what lemon remedy, if you can please tell how to do it because my period is very heathy, i had it for almost a month now, but im going to the doctor in saturday so im going to tell the doctor, so please reply back please…HELP!!

    • Lol who knows

      There’s not really a way to do it. It works for me, but not for everyone. You can eat a lemon, drink lemonade. Simple. But I love using this but like a week after you’ll get it.

  • Anonymous

    you can use instead a femanie product sold at walgreens

  • Kimmy

    Today(Saturday) I got my period and I have school on Monday…. Is there anyway I can cut it short or get it lighter?? By the way I’m 12

  • Shortie

    ok i have had my period for 6 months striaght and i am trying to get pregnant and have tried for years now. I was in the hospital fir other reasons appendix removed and then asked t he doctor how i can stop my period and he said you have had it for 6 months striaght and i said yes and his response was ” and your still alive” and i said yes but i am servily anemic and dont know what to do i want kids beofre i am 30 and been with my husband for 8 years and trying to have a baby now. SO can anyone please help me.

  • Shortie

    ok i have had my period for 6 months striaght and i am trying to get pregnant and have tried for years now. I was in the hospital fir other reasons appendix removed and then asked t he doctor how i can stop my period and he said you have had it for 6 months striaght and i said yes and his response was ” and your still alive” and i said yes but i am servily anemic and dont know what to do i want kids beofre i am 30 and been with my husband for 8 years and trying to have a baby now. SO can anyone please help me. I dont drink and dont smoke and i dont even like to take over the counter meds and still cant please help. ANyone.

  • Dhsbbdjd

    I have been on my period for 4 months and a half I’m scared to tell my mum??

    • OMG I got mine to and I didnt tell my mom to but just tell her me I got caught by my aunt she saw my underware

  • Anonymous

    I have been on my period for 4 months and a half I’m scared to tell my mum??

  • Kim

    Hey, I’m 19 and got the bar implant for a method of contraception in at the end of march. After getting it my period stopped for about 5 days and then started again with constant bleeding or spottig until my last period again. My doctor said this is normal but it kind of defeats the purpose of getting it for a method of contraception if I can’t have sex because I’ve been bleeding for the last 6 or 7 weeks solid.
    Just any tips on what might help?

  • Anonymous

    Im going to camp tomorrow and really need help stopping my period!!!! PLZ HELP ME!!!

  • Hi im goin to camp TOMORROW ( i know yikes! ) and really need help with stopping my period!!! PLZ HELP ME!

  • Anonymous

    When I was breast feeding it didn’t stop my period from coming. I had my period 6 weeks after I had my daughter.

  • Breanna

    Ive just got my period yesturday at it is VERY heavy! I really desperatly need it gone by Sunday (today is wednesday) Is there any possible way it can be gone by then or at least be gone for sunday and come back if it has to. I heard about the lemon trick when do u suck on it and how long for?

  • anya

    i just got my period today and im really annoyed. Im 16 and i have a party on friday where theres going to be lots of people, ive also bought white dress (oh no), i would really really really appreciate if someone could advise me on how to stop it abruptly or lighten it up?

  • MArjj

    are there any other home remedies/ANYTHING that could help stop it for a day? and is there an alternative to ibuprofen, we have none!

  • Anonymous

    I started today in 3rd periof and i have a reallu speacial event saturday and sunday & i dont wanna be on my period how can i make it stop before saturday night?

  • Anonymous

    Go to the doctors because it happened to me to they just put me on a stronger birth control pill and it worked wonders 🙂

  • Kimberly

    I love you ladies… Especially u brave B’s that did vinegar. You’re freaking awesome. Trying everything vodka will talk me into. <3

  • I love you ladies… Especially u brave B’s that did vinegar. You’re freaking awesome. Trying everything vodka will talk me into.

  • Ana Elizebeth

    How Can I Stop My Period For Friday?? I Need Help A.S.A.P

  • Edi E

    Hi m 23 n i jc had my 1st born lst month,afta gvng bith thy injctdme2 stop my period bt thy r stil on n i heard tht automaticaly whn u breastfeed yo period stops for sum few months so m stl on period is it normal?pls help

  • Kiki

    I’m 17 and lately my period has been getting worse the last time I was on it I was on the floor crying and screaming and ended up throwing up its been horrible for me I want my period to stop there’s surgery u can have done but idk if I want kids or not

  • I am 11 and I am going on my PGL next week I am scared in case my period will leak on my cloths then I can’t do the water activities how can I stop it

    • Anonymous

      Vinegar or suck on a lemon

  • Dontask

    Hi, I’m 13, started when I was like 10. I’m going on holiday for week to a water park, but I’m due around that time. Is there anyway I could stop it or immensely lighten it. I’m always really heavy and I have a prescription for the pain.

  • monica

    I had my third period may 5 and it wont stop my doctor gives me pills and it still wont stop :'( i need help im only twelve

  • Jessie

    Sounds like a miscarrige

  • yvonne

    Hi I am a proud mother of 2 boys and i’m done having kids I just want my periods to stop already I often wish I could have a hysterectomy so i can be done with it any suggestions on how to stop a period for long amounts of time?

  • Selah

    I have a swimming championship meet in 2 days and my period is really heavy and I really need it gone by then, because I cannot wear tampons. PLEASE help me! I have gone to a doctor, and she suggested the ibuprofen, and then birth control pills, and neither worked. This is really upseting me, so PLEASE help if you possibly can!

  • dyia
  • lolly

    my daughter is only 9 years old, started menstruating 4 days ago. Flow is very light though, need to will she gets on a regular basis or will it stop for some time. Please advise.

    • anonymous

      honestly, either, my friend was exactly like that, she got hers young and then it came back around the time she was supposed to get it, but my other friend has had it since fourth grade solid.

  • Anonymous

    hi vani

    past i have suffered from pcod problem but after 2 months medication i habe period now very slow bleeding it is now 18th day. could any body tell me how to stop the bleeding.

  • anonymous

    So i have been on my period for o e week and its really heavy what can i do to stop it please help me ?

  • lol

    hi try the lemon trick it worked with me but it came back the day after

    • A Pineapple

      Im graduating today . does the lemon thing really work????

      • Anonymous

        Congrats on graduating!!!

  • Anonymous

    Recently my period has been lighter, I drink so much water that it becomes lighter. Im actually on it now just started at school and didnt recognize it.

  • Lesley Enslow

    I just tried the apple cider vinegar method , we’ll see in a few hours if it worked or not #35

  • Phattygyrlbk

    Well I used a douch and sit in a bath tub of water it stopped it from flowing but when wipe myself didnt see none either or so light but the next day still had some light blood to say it wasnt finished

  • Roxanne

    Me and my boyfriend want to have sex but i started my period friday how can i stop it for a couple hours???

  • jess

    I started my period when i was 11, and it has been so annoying,especially at school, i have to tell my mum to pick me up early…but my friends know what is happening now, please help

  • Karen

    Hi guys, for anyone that has had kids and dnt want any for a few years, I would recommend the mirena coil. It lasts for 5 years, successful for me, it also stops your period completely. I still got a bit of cramping and maybe a spot of blood, that’s the only way I knew I had them. For the younger girls, drink plenty of water a day or 2 beforehand, will lessen the heavy flow… Good luck

  • Clara

    Hi my period started when I was like 10 and now it is staying for like more than a week I am really worried is there anyway
    I can stop my period??? I am 11 now and I really need some Help. Cus I have to go swimming.

  • cindy

    Hey I’m Cindy. I had my period when I was 10. And now I’m 12. Well my period has been passing the day it should stop . Now I get my period for like 2 weeks. And if it only good through 1 week I get my period twice a month. PLZ HELP ME STOP MY PERIOD!!! I try lemon and it stopped like 4 times but now it doesn’t work.

  • Diksha

    i am going on a trip so how can i sstop my periods.its very,pls kindly tell that how can i stop periods for 2 wweeks .plssss

  • me my self

    my period started when i was 9yrs and now am 17 am having stomache ache and painful legs when its my i was asking what should i do to stop pain legs?

  • khojal

    to my priods i want to be prehnant so pls

    ss help

  • precious yende

    I’ve been trying DAT for seven days da blood keep on coming ahh

  • Rendani lucia

    I have 27 day in mens i have tryde averything to stop my bloood bat naw am still bleeding wat i supose to do plz help me

  • Kenzie

    I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was 8 and I just got off my Meds bc I’m in remission and after i stopped my Meds I noticed that when I first started my period it was really heavy for what it should have been like it was all over the back of my shorts and pants. then right now it’s gotten to be less of a pain like less blood. so my question is, is that normal and am I still ok to stop my period? I’m 14 now so I would really like help to stop the pain and the process of being on my period.

  • Alicia

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    She will help you just the same way she has help me. All thanks to Priestess Kukuye for this great help she has rendered me.