8 tips on how to stop your period for one day

Why would you want to stop your period for one day? Maybe it is your birthday tomorrow or you are planning a special night with your boyfriend but you can’t enjoy yourself because you have period bleeding and cramps?

There are eight ways how to stop your period for one day or at least a few hours.


    1. Take Ibuprofen
      Three Ibuprofen every six hours on a full stomach will give you a relaxed day without your period. Stay under the maximum dosage for a day and don’t do it every day. Ask your doctor before you start taking so much Ibuprofen to stop your period. There are other things you should know about taking Ibuprofen to stop your period, read “Does Ibuprofen Stop Your Period?
    2. The natural way
      You won’t be able to stop it completely this way, but it will be very light. First drink a lot of water, take a bath and drink a few more glasses of juice. Most important, eat healthy and excercise. Your body needs vitamins so eat a lot of fruit too. A secret tip are greenbeans. All these ingrediens will give you a very light period.
    3. The party solution
      Alcohol stops your period for a few hours, but you can’t get drunk every time you want to stop it so this method has a very limited use.
    4. Vinegar
      Though vinegar can’t stop your cycle completely it can slow your flow and regulate your period. Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glassful of water and drink it. During your period, you could do this three times a day.
    5. Hide it
      If you are planning on having sexy time with someone, you should consider this method. Use these round spongy make up pads and your flirt won’t notice it. Another solution is to use a tampon cut to a third or half. Keep the string attached to make it easier to pull it out.
    6. Gelatinstop your period
      With this method you can stop your period for a few hours. Buy gelatin from the grocery store and mix a package with water. Drink it fast and in about three hours your period should stop.
    7. Lemon
      That’s a tip your old aunty would give you, but it works. Suck on a piece of lemon and your period will stop or at least cut short. Read more about how to stop your period with lemon.
    8. Ask our community
      If you want to know what other women do to stop their period ask a question in our community.
    9. Bonus Tip
      If you are considering permanent solution, read this article: How to Stop Having Periods.

Every women and therefor every period is different. Not all of the tips will work for every women. Try a few and see what has the best effect on you. If you exeriencing pain or heavy bleeding go and see a doctor.

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