Tips on How to Stop Period Cramps


It is natural for women having a monthly menstrual cycle to experience period cramps. Period cramps or also known as menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea are oftentimes irritating and burdensome in women’s activities whenever they have a monthly period. A woman can detect that she’s experiencing menstrual cramps during her period if she’s experiencing dull and throbbing pain in her abdominal area. This could happen during or even before her menstrual cycle begins.

Know the causes of your pain to learn how to stop period cramps

Period cramps may vary according to the severity of pain, which may be the reason for the disruption of a woman’s regular activities such as school work, participation in sports, exercising and so on. Factors that may increase the chance of having menstrual cramps among ladies may include irregular menstrual bleeding also called as Metrorrhagia, family history of dysmenorrhea and unhealthy habit like drinking alcohol, smoking and taking illegal drugs. Sedentary lifestyle could also contribute to the factors of having menstrual cramps.

Since menstrual cramps cannot likely be avoided every time you have a menstrual period, here are some tips on how to stop period cramps:

  • Use of pill. Pill could end the misery of your period pains. Dysmenorrhea could be a leading reason why most women in their teens and 20s skip their schools and work.  It doesn’t only diminish the quality time women spend for their regular activities, but also brings society-wide economic cost through enormous days lost from work and school. Aside from abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea can also be associated to nausea, vomiting, dizziness and sweating. Pills administered by doctors could be of help in stopping period cramps. There are available over-the-counter pills in the market, but it is more advisable to seek the advice of a doctor before taking pills to avoid health complications.
  • Natural remedies. Menstrual cramps can also be cured by several natural remedies available in your home. Here are some remedies you can prepare to alleviate your period cramps.
    1. Hot compress. Hot compress applied on the stomach or on your back will help in thinning the blood and relaxing your abdominal muscles.  The effect of hot compress could also soothe your nerve. Having a warm bath could also relax your nerves, eventually reducing your menstrual cramps.
    2. Chamomile honey tea. Chamomile and honey offer a natural soothing effect that calms your nerve. It doesn’t just help ease your period cramps, but also help treat other health problems.
    3. Consume foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and/or Magnesium. Salmon fish could be the source of omega 3 fatty acids. Foods rich in magnesium help relax your nerves as well as help you sleep and improve your digestion.
    4. Get a massage. Massage could help improve your body’s water retention and relaxes your muscles from tension brought by the pain.
    5. Consume foods rich in Vitamins and Calcium. There are foods and drinks that are rich in vitamins and Calcium. Take some of it. Calcium tends to help reduce your mood swings and eases cramping while Vitamins help regulate your blood.
    6. Drink wine. Alcohol tends to thin blood. 2 glasses of wine would be suitable in helping your blood circulate.
    7. Exercise. Having daily exercise is believed to have positive effects in the body. Activities such as yoga and meditation are stress reduction activities that would help ease your menstrual cramps.

There are a lot of ways on how to stop period cramps. Women suffering from this frustrating feeling could seek various ways of dealing with the pain. Pills, natural remedies, doctor’s advice and home medicine can help you deal with the tormenting feeling of having period cramps. You just have to pick what is best for you and suffer no more!

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  • Yes, doctors count down from date of last peiord (because that is fairly certain women ovulate at different times in their cycle I normally ovulate at day 14, but this time around did so a week early and guess what!)So, technically pregnancy last 40 weeks from last menstrual cycle .no 9 months.gestational age is based on last peiordfetal age on conception

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    If u drink wine during period u might get ovarian cancer I drank wine during my period and got it and had a surgery now I’m in more pain when I get my period so please inform that to other people too.

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    im 10 and i got my period and in gunna go to a swimming place for my party and now im screwed

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      You can always use a tampon. Just be sure the string isn’t hanging out your swimsuit

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    I have this hard menstrutional cramp and i dont know what to do please help me I am 13 years old