The Best Ways to Shorten Your Menstrual Periods


The menstrual cycle of each woman varies from person to person for a multitude of reasons. There are many reasons that you would want to know how to shorten your period. For example, if you have a longer menstrual cycle, you will be constantly searching for ways to minimize your discomfort by shortening your period or even delaying it for a few days, or even a few hours.

Know How to Shorten Your Period.

Menstruation is one of the vital functions of a woman’s body and it continues till the process of menopause sets in. The menstrual cycle starts from the days of attaining puberty and goes on until menopause. The menstrual cycle repeats every 21 to 45 days and it usually occurs every month. The period of menstruation extends from 3 to 7 days and if you have long days of discharge then you must find how to shorten your period.

Those who have longer periods can practice some methods to shorten their periods and you can use some of these tips to achieve this

  1. Taking birth control pills is one of the ways and in your search to know how to shorten your period. The Pills that are used primarily for avoiding unwanted pregnancy also help in getting relief from the discomforts of menstruation as well as shortening the duration of your discharge. Oral contraception is designed to stop the process of ovulation. For many women this also relieves many of the symptoms that are characteristic of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). You have different types of birth control pills that act differently but give the result of reduced bleeding time during menstruation giving you short menstrual periods.
  2. The process of menstruation is a combined effect of various hormones and for the normal period to occur there must be a perfect balance in your hormonal levels. Especially the level of progesterone in your body at this time is very important. Certain herbs and medical substances are found to be very effective in achieving this. For instance the chaste berry is one of such substances that help in normalizing the levels of prolactin and progesterone in the body during different times of your menstrual cycle helping you to have shorter periods with lighter discharges.
  3. In your further search to know how to shorten your period you will find that doing more of the exercises you normally do also help in having shorter periods. When you engage more in your cardio vascular or running exercises or other forms of sports activities during the month you can expect shorter menstrual periods with lesser discharge. It is important that you must continue them even during times of menstruation to get a continuous effect. As there is a direct impact of your body fat on this try to remain in your right weight range and this will have more effect on your menstrual cycle.
  4. Stimulation is also an effective way of shortening your menstrual period. Your search to know how to shorten your period may find a surprise answer in getting aroused and getting an orgasm is the best way to do it. When you get orgasms the contractions that occur in the Uterus and your genital area makes the discharge faster and once all the cleaning work is done naturally your discharge gets lighter and the period of discharge also gets shorter. So indulge in sexual acts by masturbation or sexual intercourse to get shorter periods.
  5. If you are experiencing period pain over days or just have bad cramps every time your menstruation starts, you should do something to stop it in long term. Read Menstrual Cramps Cure to learn how to stop your pain forever. It might take around 60 days but it will be worth it for your health. I’ve tested it and it was the only thing that really helped me. You can read my journey from severe menstrual cramps to pain-free in my Menstrual Cramps Cure Review.
  6. When you are bothered by the question how to shorten your period staying hydrated with the right types of drinks is one of the essential ways to keep your periods shorter. For this you have to take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a regular way and this helps in maintaining the water balance in your body. But take care to avoid sweetened drinks and caffeine or alcohol.
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  • jada

    i dont like what these answers are what are some things to shorten it that i can do i cant masterbate or have sex !!!!!! need more options

    • Shanavia Jacobs

      Just do the other stuff. Im going to drink alot of water and excercise. I wont masterbate but i may have Orgasms.

      • How do you have an orgasm? really want one and do they feel good?

        • R u a f&^%&ng vergin

  • lily may

    I don’t like having my period no one does. But mine started today and was really heavy and know I think It will get lighter because now there’s hardly anything coming out. Is this normal to have It for one day or not. If anyone knows anyone without taking tablets to stop it please please tell me thanks xxx

  • lily may

    Please comment because I don’t won’t I for friday it is now wednesday night who thinks it will be gone by then anyway to stop it help me

  • lily may

    Now it is 3 days later is really light and ending but I can give. U some tips

    1.If It is heavy wear a heavy pad
    2. Wear a heavy pad at night
    3. Change
    If heavy- 2-3 hours a day
    If light. 4-5 hours a day

    Talking to people

    When you have found out u have started your period you must tell someone who ever you live with. If you don’t feel ok telling someone then your going literry die. I told my mum as soon and my mum was lovely about it and I’m sure yours will to. If you don’t have a mum tell your dad. Sometimes it could be Awkward but its family ok.

    Hope this helped you

    • Liny

      This is great Lily! Really useful information. If you want more people to see it you should make a post in our new community page. I’m sure many women would be thankful for that 🙂

      Here is the site:

  • Shauna

    i got my period today.. and i need them to be gone for thursday is tehre anything i can do.. and anything i can do to release the pains?

  • im only 13 and im on my peiod but i get really bad stomach ache and cramps,i want to shorten my period because it make my stomach hurt alot,how can i shorten my period?someone tell me plzz…..

    • Anonymous

      There’s no way to shorten it except birth controls

    • alexis smith


    • mandi

      im 12 and i just got my first ever period a month ago. My stomach hurt a lot and my and my mom just gave me midol .

  • Morgan

    I got my period yesterday and I want it gone/ lighter by tomorrow…. Any tips?

  • Abby

    I got my period Saturday and I need it gone by Wednesday because of a pool party

  • [email protected]

    I just got my period yesterday. I want it gone or lighter by tomorrow. Any suggestions would be great. I am miserable

  • jade

    Try boiling and using hot water, pour the hot water in a large bucket (large enough to sit on then pour detol in the bucket and sit on it. The steam and heat increases blood flow.. repeat till blood flow is to a minimum. Works for me !!!

  • Emily Mateo

    Drink a bunch of water and eat/ drink anything to do with lemons, also exercise. I usually eat 2 lemons a day and it shortens from 5-7 days to 4-6 days. A little help at least…

  • Dgo1

    You can always just wear a tampon if you’re worried about pool parties. You may want to go up in tampon absorbancy size from what you would usually use. I also read somewhere that once you’re in water you don’t continue to bleed until you get back out. That’s why bathing when you have a period isn’t gross- you’re not continuing to secrete during that time. If you’re trying to have sex at/after a party and that’s the main reason for wanting it gone, there are menstrual cups that collect the blood safely during sex. They are sometimes noticeable but not obnoxiously uncomfortable from what I hear.

  • Anonymous

    I got my period wed and I need it gone by tomorrow which is Monday and its still on. I really wanna have sex with my boyfriend. Any suggestions

  • Marisa

    I got my period wed and I need it gone by tomorrow which is Monday and its still on. I really wanna have sex with my boyfriend. Any suggestions

    • Engleburt Humperdink

      Lather your thighs with mayonnaise.

  • mina constance

    i just got my period a little bit ago and i reallly really need it gone or to stop for like one day its friday and i REALLY i need it to be over now
    if you know anything that will make it gone PLEASE HELP

  • Jb

    Loved the web info….. I usually get my menstrual period for 7 days and this month I only had it for 3 days…. I was a little worried but read your article and realized I am doing all the things you mentioned. Thanks it works

    • Eva Lopez

      What did u do for ur period to get shorter

    • fizza

      how you reduce days??????????

  • Sail

    Will the one about drinking a lot of water work if you are already on your period? Mine started this morning and if you want the honest truth, there is no way in hell that I am dealing with my period on Christmas. I cannot take any sort of pills that I would be able to get in two days, and I’ve been looking all over the place to find some way to at least lighten my period flow on Christmas Day.

  • Anonymous

    My period came on today (which is Thursday) and i need it gone by Monday because me and my boyfriend are planning on having sex. Any suggestionss pleasee ?

    • Anonymous

      Don’t have sex

      • lol

        lmao i dont think thats going to happen

  • anys

    I have had mine for 3 months and I am the kind of person who cant teLl about my pesonal stuff I need a way to tell my mom

    • Anonymous

      This happened to me too. I have always been very shy. I wrote my mom a simple note and put it where only she would find it. She was very sweet about it but I wished I had just told her right away in person. She will be proud of you for trusting her with something so personal. Just do it

  • Hanna

    U could just wear a tampon there not so hard to put in if u watch a youtube vid on instructions get an applicator and use slim ones

  • Hanna

    I got my first fucking period on Christmas morning. Beat that

    • Anonymous

      I got mine the night of my thirteenth birthday party sleepover

      • Anonymous

        I got mine on thanksgiving I was not very thankful for that

    • Naomi

      SAME HERE!! How’s that for a christmas gift :/

    • Nikki

      I was 6 (yes 6) and at my best friends birthday party, her mom took me to the ER. So embarrassing!

  • tiff

    what did u do?

  • I would check out It answers a lot of common questions I’m seeing here. It can help you make your period more manageable.

  • apple

    My period is usually 5 days and its the 12th, my graduation is on the 17th. Do you see my problem?

  • tara

    Eat lemmon like a whol raw lemmon it helped for about a day sometimes longer

  • Marry

    I really want it to be 1 or two days I’m 11 and I can really play with any of my friends because I hate the felling of a pad

    • Anonymous

      Try tampons

  • Marry

    I have a big event so should I see what it is like to have a tampon in

  • Kaylee

    Im 18, and I take a birth control for my periods because I have primary dysmenorrhea. And my birth control is a 28 day cycle thing, and to be specific, its job is to regulate my periods to the 28 day cycle, help with pain, acne, and the heaviness. But I’m wondering if I can shorten my period – I start it tomorrow. Is there any way I can get it to be done by like Monday 9/29?

    • Kylie

      The day you posted this is the
      exact day that I got my first period!
      It was so hard to tell my mom with
      younger siblings around. I finally txt
      her and she had pads for me already!

  • chained dream

    I thought they taught about this stuff in sex education!? Period are normal. It don’t break your hymen to use a tampon. It won’t go away in a day. If your young, you won’t die cause you don’t tell anyone, but it’s a good idea so those you live with can help you manage the issues. If that’s impossible, find your nearest gynecologist or planned parenthood. They can give you the info you need. Stay clean and dry, less mess= less self consciousness. Pads with wings are great! to relieve cramping, los of pain water, mydol or asprin helps, as does s heating pad.

  • Hehe

    From my experience, drinking a ton of water usually helps along with running/ exercising. I started my period and didn’t realize that drinking a lot of water would shorten it, but after 2 days I was done bleeding completely.

    • Anonymous

      Woah really ? I’m suppose to see my boyfriend wens day and I wanna have time alone with him but my period came today and it lasts up to 7 days but imma try drinking water

  • Em

    I just started today and I am looking for ways to shorten it because the next one is during my boyfriend and Is anniversary and we’ll be out of town to celebrate. I know ibuprofen is a blood thinner but idk if it would shorten. Help please

    • Anonymous

      Start exercising and take the ibuprofen it works


    I’m 16 and I just got my period two months ago. I didn’t tell anyone, and I am certainly not dead. I have my license so I can drive to the store and get my own pads.

  • Lania

    I have soemthing coming up next weekend and I’m meant to get my period in a couple of days. The thing that I have on requires me to wear a g-string and I usually wear pads so I thought about using tampons but I’m more self conscious with them. I don’t want any issues if you know what I mean?

    Any suggestions?! Thanks 🙂

  • yadira

    I need ways to shorten My period any sugggesitons umm i wanted to last 3 days oonly help please

  • Joy

    I am 13 got mine two months ago at a party with all my best friends we were at a fancy place and I felt like I need to use the restroom and…..Boom,Yes I knew what it was and it was near the end of the party,My mom came and picked me up and when we were walking to the car I told Her she was very suprised because her and my sister started at 16,And that ruined most of that party,But oh well,Life goes on.

  • Nurse Mary

    Taking hormones can have different effects for different people. Talk with an herbalist (ideally) or your doctor before starting herbs. For myself, vitex (chaste berry) caused increased bleeding and cramping. Also, do not exceed recommended doses of OTC pain reliever. Activity as tolerated is a good way to decrease pain and shorten (slightly) the duration of flow. Heating pads, hot water bottles, warm baths, and electric blankets can reduce pain and help the blood to flow easier. Be careful not to burn yourself.
    Do not engage in sex or masturbation until you feel ready, and always use protection. Gentle external abdoominal massage can be helpful.
    Healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, can reduce pain and hormonal imbalances.
    If you don’t feel comfortable telling a family member you have started your period, you can tell any health care provider you see, a trusted adult, or teacher. Hygiene is important during your period. Make sure to use clean pads, to change your tampons (making sure to remove the old one), and bathing regularly to cleanse the external genitals (vulva). If you have further questions about your period or any other health concerns, get information from reliable, qualified sources (not usually available in comment sections) and don’t panic.

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE SOMEONE HALP MEH. I Started this crap a few months ago. Mine lasts 8 days, and I only get a 20 day break. It’s becoming unmanageable, I can’t live my life anymore. And it’s very heavy with lots of there a natural way (like, food or something? I’m not allowed to use a cup or medication) to lighten or shorten it? Quickly?